Washington DC Business First to be Awarded Chinese Publishing Code

 Chinese Governor and American Businessman Solidify Historical Partnership on the Eve of the Chinese Moon Festival

American company first to be awarded such an honor.

Last week, Dr. Claude Mayberry (President of CAM Publishing Group, Inc. and creator of Science Weekly Magazine), Mr. Yongshan Yang (Governor of Hebei Provence, P.R. China), and Mr. Zhanmin Cheng (President of Hebei Reading Media Co., Ltd) shook hands on a partnership that will bring Science Weekly Magazine to students in the Hebei Provence of China.

CAM Publishing Group is the first American company to be awarded a Chinese publishing code, making this partnership an historical event for both countries that will foster the development of global publishing, education, and economic growth. Both partners consider this union a launch pad for shared cultural enlightenment, communication and collaboration between U.S. and Chinese educational objectives and the students they wish to inspire toward careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (known in the U.S.A. as the STEM Education Initiative.)

While extending sentiments of respect, partnership, and long–lasting friendship, Governor Yang noted that this milestone occasion coincides with the annual Chinese Moon Festival (or Zhongqiu Festival) which is a harvest celebration. The symbolism of the work completed with the formalized agreement led him to quote, Chou En Lai’s Chinese saying, “When you are drinking the water, don’t forget the people who dug the well ” to remind those present at the event, that while we celebrate today, much work is yet to be done as we endeavor to strengthen the ties that link us toward our common civic and educational goals. Governor Yang, also extended a warm welcome for the Science Weekly team to be his guests in the Hebei Provence at any time as he looks forward to “digging the well” from which educational sustenance (water) will be drawn for years to come.

While, Dr. Mayberry will be returning to China in November to begin production planning, a prototype of the new publication was made available at the luncheon. Dr. Carolyn Reedom, National Sales Manager for Science Weekly Magazine and former Assistant Superintendent of the Clark County School District (NV), remarked, that the Chinese version of Science Weekly, “Is not just a translation of the U.S. version, but rather a thoughtfully developed, culturally aligned, attractively designed publication that will surely entice the students, enabling the publication to serve its purpose as a solid educational supplement.”

For additional information on Science Weekly Magazine in the United States and abroad, please contact CAM Publishing Offices at (301) 680-8804 or ScienceWeekly.com

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