WebVixxen Says Creativity Is the Key to a Well-Designed Website, Not High Cost

Small business solutions bring great design and branding for start-ups

– We, at WebVixxen Design boutique agency, are continually amazed by the lack of attention many start-up founders and management team give to their websites and the perceptions this shortcoming creates. The issue for so many start-up companies is that they run on a shoestring budget, and lack of direction, hence need business solutions that are efficient, as well as cost-effective and clearly defined. We understand that. And responding to this need, WebVixxen have developed a set of small business solutions that are affordable and impactful.

Perception is everything.

WebVixxen strongly believes that is imperative for businesses to develop their own unique brand, and is sensitive to the importance of perceptions, therefore we never use templates or cookie-cutter solutions but offer small business solutions. We value creativity and individualism. Every site is built specifically with the clients’ brand and voice in mind.

Here are three of our small business solutions:

To Flash or not to Flash.

LaMMel – Fixed HTLM design with Flash elements, business solution starts at $1,500.

Pick from three different site designs and structures. However, clients will be able to change the design and adapt in addition to incorporating its branding sensory elements, such as animated or static logo, branding colors, graphics, video…but an overall design and structure of the site remains fixed and accepted upon selection. This solution is great for start-ups on a shoestring budget looking for a good design.

GoDo – Flexible Flash or HTLM Design business solution starts at $2,500.

Pick from a wider range of design and structure site samples. With this package, clients have more control of the features the site will offer, such as Flash, video, the image gallery and additional pages, even changing some of the design. Godo offers a little more flexibility to the clients with more complex needs.

uWow – One-a-kind Design business solution starts at $5,500

With uWow package reach for the stars, WebVixxen can build a completely customized site exactly developed for each client, developing its message and branding together.

Now you have a great website, time for exposure.

Exposure and publicity are needed to generate revenues. Start-ups need to see results fast and with our in-house public relations team, WebVixxen can guide, develop and manage effectively public relations and social media campaigns for clients, as an add-on or stand-alone.

Publicise – WebVixxen will deliver a SEO-friendly news release, aka press release, announcing the launch of the company and/or new website. Story lines and angles will be developed accordingly, with a clear message consistent with the voice. Included with this service is a thirty-minute consultation with Ane Howard. Even better, let WebVixxen develop, manage and run a complete PR and social media campaign, finely in tune to the design, and overall branding.

WebVixxen as your ultimate partner.

As a website designer and a business owner herself, Lana Antonova, the founder and creative director of WebVixxen has amassed years of business knowledge and experience, building an agency with a team that understands the ins and outs of launching and growing a start-up, assisting them on their website presence and beyond. WebVixxen guides businesses through the pitfalls of a life online, making sure to deliver not just a top-notch website design but also a full-range of assistance in public relations, social management and SEO writing.

Commitment to excellence and hard work has earned Lana numerous awards and speaking engagements, including the 2007 Webster Award and the 2006-2007 Design Firms Web Award, speaking at The Art, LAVA – Venture Capitalist panel, MEDEA Awards, Brooks Institute, and The American Institute of Architects.

Our Public Relations department is led by Ane Howard. Ane is a fluently bilingual in English and French, dynamic, entrepreneurial public relations and social media manager with solid experience in digital public relations communications and technology as it applies to branding and promotional efforts. Ane is the founder of RushPRnews, a newswire service recognized by major news outlets as a valuable source of news. She owns and manages extensive media database of U.S. and Canada contacts.

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