Traditional PR Being Overtaken By A Need For A More Robust Online Strategy

Traditional PR is being overtaken by a need for a more robust online strategy, as dotcom and consumer brands alike look for a clear ROI, according to PR, search and social media agency Punch Communications.

The role of PR companies’ traditional services in brand marketing has been relatively unchallenged for decades, not least whilst digital ad campaigns have eaten into offline ad campaign budgets.

Creating a launch strategy with messages, tactics and great executions has reaped huge dividends time and time again, with print, broadcast, radio and magazine coverage all having been excellent ways to build a brand, create buzz and increase sales. However, that is now changing with online PR having finally come of age, within agencies and brand marketers alike.

Ed Fleming, Account Director at Punch Communications, commented: “The core PR foundations remain vital at the outset of any campaign, irrespective of the product or service and no matter what audience is targeted. However, are consumers really being that influenced by traditional PR methods these days?

“Since I started working at Punch Communications the lingering doubts I had over traditional PR methods are now firm beliefs. What’s better for a brand (especially one that relies on online sales and new business leads); to be number one for a certain Google search term or get a piece in Metro? To get a do-follow back link from a Page Rank 7 website to its homepage, or to get a review of a product in T3?”

“In an ideal world I guess most clients would want both – and why not. But with budgets as tight as they are and with an agency’s time a prized commodity, many are clearly now favouring the digital approach.”

Punch Communications has developed a strong presence in the global search engines due to a focus on online activity, alongside traditional tactics. That, combined in a team with great digital experience and a core traditional PR team, represents the overall proposition of the online PR agency.

Ed added: “As Bob Dylan so memorably said, ‘The times are a changing’ and I, for one, am glad to be working at Punch who are leading the pack when it comes to an integrated approach.”


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