Legal Practices Should Adopt Voice Recording, Advises Natterbox

Professions within the legal sector should embrace call recording services, says Natterbox, a new provider of hosted voice services.

With The Bank of England recently making call recording a regulatory requirement for financial institutes, it is advisory for professions within the legal sector to adopt these services as well in order to protect their business. Providing the ability to record who said what, call recording would be beneficial to legal professionals in by monitoring conversations in case of dispute as well as providing a means to accurately bill clients.

Natterbox’s regulation compliant call recording service is an easy to enable and cost effective solution. The service allows for all calls, both internal and external, to be recorded, while an optional ‘on demand’ control or preset policies mean that certain types of calls do not get recorded. The service has no limitation on concurrent call volumes or the amount of calls stored.

Bi-directional recording can also be automatically triggered based on the call or, activated manually via the web or a telephone keypad during a call. Once recorded, calls can then be emailed to the caller and stored in the call archive for future reference, should it be needed.

In the past call recording was only really available to larger companies, but Natterbox are now leading the advancements in telecoms industry, in order to provide small start up’s and large enterprises with not only cheaper but more sophisticated solutions too. Particularly relevant to the legal practice, where effective communication management is essential, Natterbox’s smart telecoms systems such as call recording and disaster protection can be of real merit.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, commented: “There should be a requirement for those in the legal practice to adopt call recording, particularly helpful for situations where there are court proceedings and the call for tribunal evidence is needed. Although many businesses find the thought of setting up professional systems really daunting, we have launched what I believe to be by far the smartest and simplest way of managing business telecoms today.”

In addition to call recording Natterbox’s other telecoms solutions could also be of benefit to the legal sector and other SME’s alike, these include services such as SIP trunking, Voice PA and hosted PBX.


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