Online Coverage Becoming Increasingly Important to Consumer Product SEO says Punch

Achieving online coverage is becoming increasingly relevant to the search engine presence and page rankings of consumer products according to leading PR, social media and SEO agency Punch Communications.

For many product related searches, the search engine results pages of the likes of Google and Bing are increasingly dominated by reviews and recommendations for such products. As such, Punch has highlighted the importance of executing a comprehensive SEO campaign alongside consumer PR campaigns targeting online coverage, as a means of maximizing online visibility in search engines whilst also directing traffic towards the most relevant product page.

Long time evangelists of the use of SEO techniques alongside traditional PR activity, Punch has indicated that by achieving links in online coverage as well as other link building activities, consumer brands can successfully ensure that they are achieving links from the most relevant domains whilst maximizing the rankings of their product pages, providing added benefit due to their inherent ability to deliver key product selling points to the visitor.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of PR agency Punch, said: “The value of maintaining a web presence for generic search queries is huge, and can be a deciding factor in which product in a specific category a consumer decides to purchase in the end.

“As such, brands need to ensure that they reap as much benefit from the valuable links available from online coverage as possible. Achieving links from articles and domains to hold great relevance to the specific product has the potential to have a big impact on search engine results.”

Having developed its expertise in the practice of traditional PR, Punch Communications is now at the forefront of digital PR and its subsets, including the use of social media and search engine optimization. Offering all three as an integrated service to each of its clients, Punch continues to ensure that both it and its clients is on top of the constant evolution of digital media.

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