Brand engagement through Facebook is crucial in the UK, says Sony Ericsson

The opportunity for brands to engage with Facebook users cannot be missed, according to Sony Ericsson, especially in the UK where approximately one in six of all internet page views are of the social networking site.

During June 2010, Facebook accounted for 16.73% of all page views, making it the most popular website ahead of Google UK, Ebay UK and YouTube. The popularity of social media sites has steadily been on the increase for some time, so taking advantage of communicating with 27,000,000 UK users is crucial for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Hundreds of thousands of users across the world ‘like’ the Sony Ericsson global Facebook page, an increase of which has been partly due to the addition of a free online pinball game. Sony Ericsson has always been committed to finding innovative ways of connecting with its fans and the Emusicon internet pinball game has helped the brand to do just that, as well as increasing its overall visibility across Facebook.

The computer pinball game currently has a strong following from UK users, who are playing the game above the rest of the world, only second to German Facebook users. Emusicon is free and available to any visitors to the Sony Ericsson Facebook page. Once players have played the game and attained a high score, they are able to post the score to their friends, encouraging them to play and beat it, thereby increasing exposure on Facebook.

Ben Padley, Head of Digital and CRM for Sony Ericsson, said: “Engaging with fans through Facebook is more crucial than it ever has been and users, and their usage, is set to continue increasing. Statistics show that Facebook use is currently extremely high in the UK and it’s good to see that some of these users are spending time on Emusicon Pinball and are spreading the ‘good vibes’ to fellow Facebook users.”

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