Turning Real Estate Agencies & Agents Into Great Businesses with Advanced Lead Generation Technology

OneCall Communications launches with premier call capture technology delivering high performance lead generation, marketing and communications solutions for today’s forward-thinking real estate agents and agencies.

It comes as no surprise in this market that the Real Estate industry is keenly focused on gathering high quality leads.  The number of viable leads generated by a real estate agent is vital to maintaining a healthy stream of new business.  Call capture technology is one of the trade secrets that many progressive real estate agents and agencies use, and can provide a distinction between struggling businesses and booming operations by providing automated communications tools that both generate high quality leads and help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

OneCall Communications today unveiled the latest full-featured lead generation and communications technology developed specifically by and for real estate agents and agencies – The OneCall Real Estate Hotline.  This product serves as a lead generator, selling tool, listing tool, and an advertising tracking tool streamlining the entire sales and communications process by providing 24/7 custom recorded home tours and tailored marketing messages recorded by agents for their property listings easily accessible to active buyers by simply dialing a local or 800 number and entering the property extension promoted on sign riders at the location and in property advertisements.  This is a particularly effective tool considering the fact that industry research reveals that in the early stages of the buying process, people are twice as likely to call a number for recorded information as to call a live person.

At its heart, the Real Estate Hotline is a call capture system available to the agent, broker or business via subscription from OneCall Communications, who also supplies services and support for the number.  The local or toll free number is specific to the agent or business and comes with multiple listing extensions.  The system allows the agent to prerecord audio home tours and custom marketing messages for each listing extension.  The interested buyer simply calls the toll free number, enters the extension and hears a detailed home tour.  They then have the opportunity to either be connected to the agent instantly, listen to other home tours, or leave a message.  The system has now captured the prospect’s name and phone number and notifies the agent via cell phone and email allowing the agent the opportunity to follow up with the buyer at the height of their interest.  

“Success in today’s market is determined by timing – getting the right information to the right people at the right time,” says OneCall President, Lawrence Shaw.  “That’s why our OneCall team members include licensed real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lead generation experts who have an in depth understanding of this field and the unique needs of those who make this industry so great, allowing us to advance the best products possible and continually survey and listen to the industry for new ideas.”  Mr. Shaw adds, “We are proud to offer the industry such a user-friendly, yet high performance tool that they themselves have helped create and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with our customer colleagues.” 



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