Social Gaming a Great Opportunity for Brands, Says Reality Digital

Current internet trends illustrating that social gaming is now more popular than ever shows that it is a huge opportunity for brands says Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking platform technology for businesses.

During 2009, online social gaming revenue totaled $2.2bn, which is expected to rise to $6bn by 2013, according to Viximo. With social gaming becoming such a big industry, it is important for brands to make use of this latest trend to help increase brand exposure.

Social games represent a great engagement tool for brands. Games offer a new means for a brand to connect with their target market, and if they are entertaining enough it will give the consumer a clear desire to return to the brand’s social media page, as well as spread the message to their online friends.

In this instance, integration with Facebook offers a highly effective means of achieving suitable brand exposure. With over 500 million users, a Facebook page application can present brands with a suitable means by which to target prospective clients. Facebook games currently create 28% of all online gaming revenue, which when considered against all other forms of online gaming, presents a great opportunity for brands to capitalise on.

Video gaming is perhaps one of the most engaging forms of rich media. Even if a user may not believe they are too keen on the brand, bespoke brand social games allow for easy interaction with such users, and are one of the most entertaining and shareable forms of social media available.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “The introduction of a brand’s own social game is an innovative way of enticing and engaging potential consumers. A well-crafted game will give users a reason to return to a brand’s page, whilst also sharing the game with their friends so they can compete to try and better each other’s high scores.”

Reality Digital provides social media solutions for brands wishing to connect with potential online clients. From customisable white-label social media software, to video platform software which offer new means for a brand to meet the needs of their online audience, Reality Digital provide clients with the most suitable means to engage with their audience, increasing both exposure and revenue.


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