Brand Integration with Mobile Outlets Critical to Digital Success

The extent to which brands can capitalise on mobile browsing trends will be instrumental in their success in digital marketing moving forwards according to integrated search, social media and PR agency Punch Communications.

Food giant Pizza Hut has already claimed that more than half of its orders are made via mobile technology, and that its iPhone app has already generated $1 million in sales. Punch has indicated that integration with mobile technology is a logical progression for the majority of major brands and that more need to step into the mobile marketing sphere and make the most of it as an opportunity to service consumers directly from their pockets.

Mobile technology is one of two rapidly developing outlets for digital monetisation, the second being social media, with many brands such as Levis and Starbucks servicing consumers through social networks like Facebook and location based networks such as Foursquare. Punch has highlighted the need for brands to take on a leading role in developing the use of these platforms in providing services to consumers in order to benefit from them the most.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of online PR agency Punch, said: “The vast majority of brands are now aware of the importance of a search and social media presence, and should now be making the most of new outlets created by digital technology to provide additional services to their consumers.

“Facebook’s design changes in recent months are a clear message that it wants to attract more brands to invest time and effort into making their Facebook pages into viable service platforms for their customers, and the early adopters will be the ones that benefit the most. With mobile browsing becoming such a big factor in most people’s lifestyles, it’s critical that brands focus on this opportunity as their next step in digital.”

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