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As a reputable and well-established liquidation merchandise company which has been in business for over 15 years, The Zaken Corporation has become a genuine leader in the field of high-quality low-cost consumer goods, and continues to flourish despite the current economic recession. It not only remains highly-profitable during adverse economic conditions which are “sinking” many other major companies, but is considered an absolute god-send by many of its independent business associates who might not have been able to survive otherwise. “Business has never been better”, claims President and Owner, Tiran Zaken. “Our working associates are locating liquidation-eligible product opportunities like gang-busters right now, with their deals closing more quickly and with a higher percentage of commission checks being issued than ever before in our company’s history!”

It makes absolutely perfect sense, if you think about it. The current economic recession has caused a large number of previously profitable manufacturers and wholesalers to go ‘belly-up’. With many of them no longer able to maintain their normal business operations in such a poor consumer market – and suddenly finding themselves with an urgent need to liquidate their product inventories before receivership (or worse) sets-in. “Such unfortunate circumstances for other companies tend to provide golden opportunities for The Zaken Corporation and its working business associates”, Tiran states. “So we’ve really been gearing-up lately, in order to take full advantage of the current economic climate. Our business has always been profitable, but we’re looking forward to a banner year!”

Positive improvements and “upgrades” which have recently been made at The Zaken Corporation  are as follows:

1)  Increases in the number of company business support representatives.

2)  Expansion of market exposure by the addition of more Sales Staff members on the product re-marketing team.

3)  Significant Up-grades to the company’s product marketing websites.

4)  Minor adjustments in liquidation product policies, contributing to a more consistent percentage of product deals closing.

5)  Quicker and more effective calculation of independent associates’ sales commissions – generating much quicker issuing of their checks!

6)  Faster and more reliable shipping services.

With the liquidation product market currently in such a state of flux and expansion, The Zaken Corporation finds itself constantly in need of additional new business associates. For more details about the company itself and/or its profitable business opportunities, please utilize the following information:

Visit the corporate website at –

Send Email to –

Call 805-262-6700 during business hours Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM, PST.

Send a Fax to 805-262-6080.

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