Online Gamers Prefer Maintaining Connections and Playing Against Real World Friends, says Sony Ericsson

Emusicon Pinball, a free online pinball game accessible through the Sony Ericsson Facebook page, gives gamers the opportunity to compete and stay connected with their real world friends, which is exactly what they prefer, according to Sony Ericsson.

A recent survey suggests that this internet pinball game fits with the current trend of online gaming. The figures illustrate that 55.5% of online gamers play with friends, whilst only 19.5% are playing with strangers they hadn’t met previously. Considering the rest of the interaction is divided between co-workers and classmates, still also connections in the real world, 80.5% of an average’s player’s online interaction is a sizeable figure.

Emusicon Pinball is well-balanced to meet these inclinations as this computer pinball game is built around encouraging the participation of friends. Although only a single player game, users randomly see images of their Facebook friends appear within the game whilst playing, acting as targets to be hit with the pinball. Once the game is over, the score is compared to those of the users’ friends to see who has the top score. Players are then encouraged to publish their high scores on their wall so that friends can participate together in an Emusicon Pinball challenge.

Facebook phased out application based notifications in March 2010, meaning it has become more difficult for friends to share information about their favourite applications. This handy wall posting feature within the game means users can easily tell all their friends about Emusicon Pinball as well as boasting about any high-ranking scores. 

Ben Padley, Head of Digital and CRM for Sony Ericsson, said: “With trends suggesting the majority of online gamers play with people they already know, Emusicon Pinball is a fun way for friends to stay connected through Facebook, as well as the Sony Ericsson brand. After each game, the leader board shows the top six players within their network, which encourages further participation and friendly competitiveness.”

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