Outreach With Call To Action Is Best In Social Media, Says Punch Communications

In social media, outreach with a call to action generates more engagement, says Public Relations Agency Punch Communications.  From media outlets to brands to musicians, social interaction is key. 

Many media outlets have turned to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to engage readers by getting them involved in the stories and events.  Readers have been asked to nominate “heroes” and respond with their opinions to news stories on outlets such as CNN and The New York Times. Television stations such as American Movie Classics have created websites dedicated to their star shows where users can put themselves in a scene such as with hit show, Mad Men.

Brands are increasingly using social media to engage with users using online video.  Old Spice went viral with their latest campaign inviting users to ask questions of the “Old Spice Guy” via Twitter.  The “Old Spice Guy” replied to select questions personally with a video response; the personal interaction between the “Old Spice Guy” and fans generated over 10 million views for the Old Spice channel.

Specialists in social media marketing are encouraging call to action engagement as it helps promote brands whilst actively involving the consumer.  It opens up a two-way conversation and makes the consumer feel appreciated which will lead to improved online perception and brand loyalty. 

As the music industry has changed drastically over the past few years, musicians have embraced social media as a new outlet to reach and engage with fans just as much as anyone else.  Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Myspace have become key platforms for musicians and bands to promote their work and communicate with their fan base. They can ask their audience which songs are their favorite, which are their favorite tour moments and run competitions for free music or tickets to a gig.   Fans can interact with their favorite artists through the wall comments on these social media platforms and are more likely to buy records and go see a live show if they feel a connection with the artist.

Alex Smith, Account Manager at Social Media Agency Punch Communications, said: “Social outreach with a call to action will generate improved engagement opportunities for businesses. By actively encouraging consumers to act on a brand update, be it through comments, content posting or competitions, businesses can foster improved communications as well as improving online perception and fan acquisition.”

Punch Communications has evolved its PR offering to clients in recent years. As well as covering more traditional aspects of the industry, from automotive to technology PR, Punch now also provides its clients with strategic search and social media advice that has a significant and measurable impact on their business.

To find out more about Punch, please visit punchcomms.com, or call 01858 411 600.

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