Video Content Integral to Social Media Campaign Appeal

The growth in social media use in recent times has seen it become an essential addition to any business’ marketing strategy. However, businesses must look at innovative ways to try and connect with their audience to improve return on investment, according to Reality Digital, a leading provider of social networking software.

The incorporation of video content and functionality into social media campaigns is becoming an increasingly important factor in the success of such marketing strategies. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of media available, as can be seen with the popularity of online communities such as YouTube. With this in mind, businesses ought to consider launching and using a suitable video platform centered around their brand, from which they can interact with potential customers digitally.

Recent social networking campaigns have illustrated that video content can prove highly effective; a recent campaign by American brand ‘Old Spice’ utilised video content to great effect. In this instance, the brand’s persona, ‘The Old Spice Guy’, responded to social network users’ questions in near-real-time, and over the space of two days posted over 180 videos on YouTube. After two days, the video content was the most watched on the internet, with 16.3 million views. In the same period, the brand’s followers on Twitter rose from 3,000 to 48,000. The campaign was hailed as a success, breathing new life into the implementation of video social media usage.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Online video content has now become a key factor in many brand marketing strategies. The use of video offers businesses an alternative to mainstream social media campaigns, and presents the social media user with a something different and possibly more entertaining. The more businesses introduce video content to such campaigns the better.”

Reality Digital offer solutions to brands looking to implement video into social media campaigns within both static and mobile platforms. Reality Digital’s premiere video software, Spotlight™, offers online video management and distribution platforms for businesses wishing to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy.

Reality Digital’s Opus social media platform is highly-customisable to allow clients to fully develop brand awareness through different social media sites. Implementing such software will offer the clients the ability to reach out to a wide-range of internet users, and development of different aspects of social media, such as facebook page applications or video content will help to garner exposure to a larger digital audience.

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