Hip Hop Female Rapper Chocha Gurl Contender For The Wu-Tang’s Next Nine General Title

Hip Hop Female Rapper Chocha Gurl Contender For The Wu-Tang’s Next Nine General Title A Must See Event

Chocha Gurl will embrace The Wu-Tang management with her popular in demand style of rap. Chocha Gurl is known to many as The Chief Of New York. If you are a Chocha Gurl fan then this is a great opportunity for all to support, and enjoy. Please visit the many social network sites, and subscribe to Chocha Gurl. Let’s take music back to the way we use to like it. Therefore; by supporting Chocha Gurl you will have taken the first step to making some major improvements. By far Nicki Minaj has great competition, with this new chief in town.    

Chocha Gurl, will soon hit the market with her second mix album. Rappers like Nicki Minaj, and Keys will not stand a chance competing against Chocha Gurl. However, for a sneak peak of the mix album visit Chocha Gurl television website. Chocha Gurl will be touring the United kingdom begining December 3, 2010. The tour will end in Europe December 19, 2010. This concert is a must see for every one in the United Kingdom. Chocha Gurl has prior released a hit single titled” My Swagger Iz rude”. The single is available on iTunes ,Amazon mp3, Rhapsody etc. Although there may be a depression in the United States Of America. There is a strong consensus that Chocha Gurl will bring people together and unite them all as one. Chocha Gurl will introduce to you a grandeur performance that will embrace you for a lifetime.  
Live New Artist Entertainment, has several artist of all genre. Our superior artist will have you gravitate toward their grand quality performance.Our company leaders stand by our supporters, to provide them the best artist possible to accommodate their music needs. It is incumbent upon our company to deliver quality and provide our best. Our supporters is like our brand new family. 

The Company’s Artist Chocha Gurl will also be broadcasting a reality internet show beginning january 3, 2011. Thereafter the show will broadcast every following Monday. The reality show will give it’s viewers a closer look into the life of Chocha Gurl. You will get to know her background up close and personal. This show is a must see. Chocha Gurl has also launched a book publishing partnership with Google. If you want to request Chocha Gurl to perform in your town visit our website, or email our booking department. We will respond upon request.

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