Punch Reiterates the Importance of Employee Access to Social Media in the Workplace

Leading PR Company Punch has recapped why employers should allow access to social media during work hours, revealing how sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow users to create professional and personal networks, develop contacts and even schedule business events. Despite the benefits, some employers are concerned that too much time is spent on social media during working hours, leading many to clamp down on access.

With certain workplaces putting restrictions in place, employees who have disobeyed and disregarded the rules surrounding access of to profiles during work, have been given warnings and even in some cases a dismissal. Not only do employees need to be vigilant about the images and videos they upload onto social media profiles, but now they also have to respect when it is appropriate to access them.

Account Manager of Punch Communications, Holly Henstock commented; “When using social media, the common sense rules apply, users should bear in mind the information they make public on their profile as well as when they choose to access it, depending on the restrictions their workplace sets. If businesses allow their employees to use social media profiles during work, this will help them to expand their profiles more efficiently and allow them to create new ones.”

Aside from offering a traditional PR service, which includes media relations in order to gain client exposure both on and offline, Punch Communications are specialists in Online PR. Founded in 2003 by Pete and Emma Goold, Punch has enjoyed a number of achievements already and this year alone has seen an increase in the percentage of its clients requiring campaigns which involve Tech PR.


Currently a strong team of thirteen, Punch is recruiting for further positions within the company. For more information regarding PR jobs at Punch, please call +44 (0) 1858 411600 or visit punchcomms.com

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