IM faceplate is a Small Business Owner’s Dream Tool

Many businesses struggle to get their message out and with so many services promising to “explode” their sales it is easy to understand why.

Enter IM faceplate by Logiscape Technologies.

IM faceplate is a welcome and refreshing advance in social networking.  It offers many elements familiar to Facebook and Twitter users but that’s where the similarities end.

Users have the ability add articles, videos, and special spotlights to help them better engage their customers and prospects.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a web feed format found on blogs and websites.  With IM faceplate users can easily incorporate their RSS feed into their page for automatic updates.  A similar feature exists for Twitter.

Like its social media brethren IM faceplate is free.

In fact, IM faceplate welcomes everyone to the party with fantastic social media integration features that enables its users to “create, connect, and brand.” 

IM faceplate serves a rock solid contender for integrating all of your company’s social media accounts giving you the ability to significantly simplify your internet marketing strategy.

Get your free IM faceplate.

Users do have the option of upgrading to a “Pro” account for $14.95 a month which gives them even more. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting and endearing aspects of the IM faceplate service is facepoints.  Facepoints is an outstanding free reward system where users earn points for being active on the site.

As you and your visitors interact with your faceplate everyone earns facepoints.  This facepoints turn into a popularity rating which is used to give everybody’s faceplate additional exposure throughout the entire IM faceplate community.   

This means more exposure and potentially more sales for your business.

Get your free IM faceplate.

As if all this was not enough the masterminds of IM faceplate created a simple way to generate commissions with the advertisements shown on the site.  This is not required but could be lucrative if your IM faceplate is popular.  Free users can earn commissions on 50% of the ads shown and Pro users can on 100% of the ads shown.

Of course, all advertising can be removed from your IM faceplate if you are a Pro user.  This is handy for those wanting to keep visitors focused on their content only.  The ads shown are text only and were not overbearing. It’s really the business owner’s call if they want to try it.

IM faceplate is remarkable and is attracting businesses and internet marketers all over the world.  Since its launch on June 29, 2010 it has literally stood the internet marketing world on its ear and business owners everywhere could not be happier.


Get your free IM faceplate here.  

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