The New Trans4mer To Green Canadian Oil

The New Trans4mer To Green Canadian Oil And Gas Production As Well As Revolutionize How Work Sites Operate

The world’s first multi-purpose portable building with a wash bay and four-ton crane will help green Canada’s oil and gas production as well as revolutionize how work is done on work sites such as in oil and gas production as well as road construction, excavation, construction and many related industries. 

Canadian-based One4Haul Trans4mer Ltd. is touring the new Trans4mer Garage and Wash Bay across Alberta as part of a Canadian product debut tour. 

With applications ranging from providing a temperature-controlled work environment to an equipment wash bay, this innovative product responds to years of study of the needs of businesses and organizations in industries ranging from oil and gas production to road building. 

“This garage will bring great cost savings, and will turn work sites into a more profitable, more effective way of doing business,” says Mr. Jay Hachey, head of Sales and Marketing at One4Haul Trans4mer Ltd.

The Trans4mer Garage/Wash Bay is transported by truck and spans 30 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 20 feet high when opened. Set-up and removal is easy: one truck, one person, one hour. Customers will benefit from the unique design of the floor as a tank, no hydraulic system as well as the unit’s rigidity and robustness. The Trans4mer Garage/Wash Bay also comes with a floor that can support 90,000 pounds, a four-ton overhead crane, and an insulated, heated facility with a generator that makes the building self-sufficient. 

Born from close study of the needs of potential oil and gas industry clients, the Trans4mer Garage/Wash Bay seeks to help businesses operate more efficiently and thrive in harsh environments, while at the same time protect the environment and prevent cross-contamination challenges. The Trans4mer Garage/Wash Bay has also responded to another dilemma faced by clients: stricter government enforcement of mandatory spotless wash regulations.

“By combining the garage and wash bay as a unit, companies will now be able not only to do mechanical work and/or welding, but they will also have the option of cleaning their equipment right on site,” Hachey says.

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About One4Haul Trans4mer Ltd.

One4 Haul Trans4mer Ltd. is an innovative Canadian-based company that turns work sites into a more profitable and more effective way of doing business.  Always responding to the needs of industry, One4Haul Trans4mer Ltd. is the exclusive creator and manufacturer of the mobile Trans4mer Garage/Wash Bay.

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