Social Networking to Revolutionise Accessibility of News for FIFA World Cup

Punch Communications, a boutique PR agency which specialises in bringing its clients an optimum online presence, believes that a surge in internet use, and in particular social media sites, has the potential to prove fruitful for businesses attempting to attract customers through digital means.

Recent internet activity has seen a shift in the popularity of certain sites. Search engines accounted for 11.33% of UK internet hits during May, while social networking came in at 11.88%. This news follows similar trends from the US, where for a week in mid-March Facebook overtook Google as the most popular internet site for American users, with Facebook taking 7.07% of website hits compared to Google’s 7.03%.

Social media sites have seen a rise in the number of applications and profiles tailored to delivering news regarding the World cup. With so many outlets offering users the chance to keep up to date with the latest football news, social media use is likely to continue to rise, owing itself more to delivering news to sports fans, rather than just being used for corresponding with friends.

With such social networks gearing up to offer users the most comprehensive coverage of any World Cup to date, this presents an opportunity for other businesses to try and garner some business off the back of the World Cup hype. 1 in every 150 UK internet searches during the first week of June was related to the World Cup, and with Internet use set to double over the next month, it is as good a time as any to try and gain more publicity for their business, and attempt to entice potential customers.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch Communications, said: “The World Cup period is set to illustrate the importance of social networking in the modern age. With so many bespoke football applications and profiles created to keep internet users up to date, it will be near impossible for users to avoid news stories relating to the World Cup. With internet use reportedly set to double within this period, it is a great opportunity for businesses to capture the attention of potential customers through digital means.”

Punch Communications is keen to offer its clients new effective ways of marketing their business in addition to the traditional techniques of a public relations agency.

Punch’s function as a social media agency allows it to offer its clients new forms of marketing, through tapping into what is currently one of the biggest sectors of internet use. By accessing these different areas of marketing, Punch is able to deliver their clients the most suitable marketing strategy to help them target the correct customers.

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