Eyeful launches the 2010 Business Presentation Survey to measure the extent of “Death by PowerPoint”

Eyeful Presentations, the leading presentation consultancy in Europe and the US, has launched a new online survey focussing on how businesses use presentation technology such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote

Following an eye-opening online survey back in 2007, Eyeful has taken on the task of formidable task of understanding how companies across the globe have changed their approach to PowerPoint and other presentation technologies.  More importantly, they are keen to measure just how much, if at all, businesses have improved the control and management of their own corporate presentation materials.

Eyeful’s original survey highlighted some very key points around the use and abuse of PowerPoint in the corporate world.

“The two most telling statistics from our last survey were firstly that 46% of people rated PowerPoint as their most important sales tool highlighting just how important presentation technology is to business,” stated Simon Morton, Eyeful’s Managing Director “More alarmingly, it also highlighted that 72% of companies do not regularly review their presentations. This demonstrates that whilst businesses value PowerPoint, business leaders don’t spend the right amount of time getting it right.  We believe this is a prime reason for “Death by PowerPoint” becoming the norm in many industries.”

This follow up survey will look at showing just how much, if at all, the corporate world has moved on in the last 2 to 3 years and will focus on whether companies are embracing PowerPoint as a valuable tool as opposed to abusing it as has been seen in the past.

“In light of some recent high profile PowerPoint abuse by the likes of the US Military, we’re looking forward to seeing just how far business has come in the last few years, ” enthused Morton. “We want to understand just how and where business professionals have made positive changes to the way they use technology to deliver impactful presentations.”

The 2010 Business Presentation Survey is open to respondents until 18th July and has designed to take no longer than 3 minutes to complete.  Eyeful will also be giving out a prize of “PowerPoint Amnesty Action Packs” to 25 randomly picked lucky respondents.

To take the survey follow this link – www.eyefulpresentations.com/survey2010

About Eyeful Presentations – http://www.eyefulpresentations.com
Since 2003 Eyeful has provided presentation services to businesses looking to improve the way they share information with their most important audiences – their prospects, customers, employees & shareholders. 

The company firmly believes that key to their success is their unique approach of addressing the entire presentation process through their “Presentation Optimisation” methodology.  This holistic approach ensures that clients’ presentations are made more effective, not just “prettier”.

This approach of “open source” presentation development mixed with ground breaking design means that Eyeful now boasts an impressive client base including major corporations like Microsoft, Adobe, Eli Lilly and Unilever.

Clients are managed from offices in the UK and US.

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