Mozaikâ„¢ Multimedia inVDOâ„¢ App for iPad Adds Advanced Mobile Features

Mozaik’s inVDO™ App For The Apple iPad Now Integrates iLoop’s Mobile Text And Multimedia Messaging Services 

–In a special showing at the Mobile Marketing Association’s (MMA) Mobile Marketing Forum in New York City from June 8-9, 2010, Mozaik and iLoop Mobile are showing how consumers can share their entertainment experiences with friends and family by instantly sending text and multimedia messages about fashion items, products, people and places seen in movies, music videos, TV shows, or branded entertainment episodes.

Mozaik Multimedia’s proprietary technology creat

es engaging environment for consumers to interact with any form of video content. Enhanced features of the inVDO™ iPad app now allow consumers to send text and multimedia messages from within any Mozaik !Content™ enabled video, thereby opening up a wide range of in-video marketing services for brand owners, advertising agencies and content producers alike. These new services, which include SMS/MMS marketing and messaging, standard SMS coupons, Smart Mobile Coupons, Smart Mobile Alerts and mobile content delivery, offer advertisers the opportunity to leverage each viewer’s social network for increased brand exposure, purchase recommendations and viral coupons.

“iLoop Mobile is pleased to support the delivery of Mozaik’s innovative !Content service. Mozaik’s groundbreaking in-video marketing uses text-messaging services in ways not seen before in the industry,&

rdquo; said Matt Harris, iLoop Mobile’s CEO. “We knew we could deliver the technology Mozaik needed to add these new social elements to their product.”

“By working with iLoop Mobile, Mozaik Multimedia will be able to offer inVDO™ users great social interaction with content, while at the same time allowing brands to offer coupons and other promotional content to viewers”, said Bob Saffari, Co-founder and CEO of Mozaik.

As part of the demonstration, attendees of the Mobile Marketing Forum will be able to experience first hand the power of in-video interactivity, and learn how Mozaik’s inVDO app for the Apple iPad is offering Brand owners and Advertisers new monetization opportunities that have been out of their reach to this date.

About inVDO and !Content

With inVDO, consumers can view their favorite content, search for things of interest, share favorite moments over social or mobile networks, and shop for products they’ve seen in the video. All these activities are now possible in a lean-back environment from a single device, without the need to switch between multiple screens and applications. This results in a fun, entertaining and highly personalized viewing experience that has not been possible before. Thanks to the revolutionary capabilities offered by Mozaik’s !Content technology – which includes the company’s highly innovative Ads On Demand™ solution for pull-based advertising, contextual in-video search based on LIPSS™  search criteria (Locations, Items, Products, Services, Soundtracks), E-commerce integration – and Apple’s magical iPad and iPhone, content owners are now in a position to offer consumers unique entertainment experiences for the home and when on the go.

About Mozaik Multimedia

Mozaik™ Multimedia has been operational since late 2007 to provide innovative and integrated solutions that will redefine interactive entertainment-bringing the interactive experience to the television screen in your living room. Mozaik !Content™ technology seamlessly and intuitively connects consumers to advertisers and retailers across multiple consumer platforms. The Silicon Valley Company is poised to become a leader in interactive media and entertainment viewable on all three screens, and emerging non-disruptive “Ads-on-Demand™” advanced advertising and analytics. For more information, please visit or contact us at

About iLoop Mobile

iLoop Mobile’s mobile marketing platform, professional services and training enable the world’s most successful international brands, marketing agencies and media companies to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns worldwide. iLoop Mobile’s solutions include SMS/MMS marketing and messaging initiatives, smart mobile couponing, mobile Internet sites, mobile-enabled online Web sites, mobile content delivery, and APIs that permit a wide range of other mobile services. iLoop Mobile offers its solutions platform as a self-service SaaS (software as a service) license with managed/professional services when requested. For more information visit

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