Timescales Vital in Social Media Marketing Incentives

The timescales of incentives in social media marketing campaigns, either through generic social media such as Facebook or brand focused social media, are becoming increasingly important in their success according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses.

The rise of social media has heralded an increase in the efforts and investment in social media marketing by brands, as they seek to make the most of the medium for engagement opportunities and the development of relationships with their target audiences. As such, consumers have become responsive to certain types of marketing on social media, influencing the way that brands continue to seek interaction.

The time frame between the point that the user enters a brand campaign or competition has become important, as the quicker that they can receive their reward, the more incentive there is for them to enter. Campaigns that offer instant gratification for entrants, such as immediate downloads or exclusive content, are likely to succeed due to their accessibility in an immediate time frame.

This doesn’t mean that incentives offered on a long-term basis with a larger reward aren’t effective, but only that they require additional exposure and a longer promotional period in order to achieve similar reactivity.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Businesses have over time become inclined to think as big as possible with regard to what they can offer to consumers as an incentive for participation with social media initiatives. However, much smaller incentives can be just as effective when executed and made available over a much shorter time frame, providing the end user with an immediate benefit.”

Reality Digital is the leading provider of white label social network software for brands and businesses, providing them with a comprehensive platform from which they can launch or progress their social media marketing initiatives.

Reality Digital Opus, the business’s flagship video social network platform, allows brands and businesses to either implement an entirely new network from scratch, or indeed incorporate certain facets of the package into an existing network or website.

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