Relevance is Vital for Engaging Consumer Demographics on Social Networks According to Punch Communications

Whilst the relevance of content used in social media marketing campaigns continues to be a dominant factor in their success, it is an area that is still frequently over looked according to search, social media and PR agency Punch Communications.

A good understanding of social media is of great importance when it comes to online marketing. Companies are investing large sums of money into the creation of an online presence and are subsequently using social networks to form relationships and build upon existing ones. However, creating an online presence does not ensure longevity. Networks not only need to be formed but must also be maintained through the use of engaging content, which is still frequently being overlooked.

Such content will ensure that maximum amount engagement is achieved, and will also mean that users are more likely to share it. This chain reaction is the key to successful social media marketing and is unlikely to occur following the posting of vague or irrelevant content. It is crucial for a brand to be aware that moving away from content aligned to their business is less likely to engage the reader which can in turn affect the success of an online marketing campaign.

Content posted via social networking sites should be viewed as mini press announcements, any content posted should be succinct and pertinent to the brand. Every post is an opportunity to stand out and prove to be experts on subjects relating to a specific field, thus resulting in the highest response possible.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch Communications commented: “It is important to keep audiences up to date with the latest news and information on their core interests. Giving users content that is relevant is the key to maintaining engagement and building relationships with the most relevant audiences.

“Brands must not overlook the value of relevance. As an agency, Punch Communications ensures that any content shared is being targeted to those users that it is most relevant to, in order to ensure maximum engagement and capitalise on developing marketing opportunities.”

Founded in 2003 by Pete and Emma Goold, Punch Communications offer traditional PR services as well as is being a leading digital PR agency. Punch successfully uses social media to enhance a brands online presence, and enable them to improve their consumer engagement.


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