Local-Map-Listings.com Launched To Provide Online Solutions To Offline Organizations

Davis Virtual Assistance, a business that provides online marketing services to small businesses, launched Local-Map-Listings.com on May 1, 2010. Local-Map-Listings.com offers several services to brick and mortar businesses such as improving existing websites, creating an increased presence through exposure in online local directory listings and monitoring and generating positive online customer feedback.

Local-Map-Listings.com  offers an in-depth website review for offline businesses and provides website owners with a written report and one-hour conference call discussing the site’s strengths, weaknesses and ideas for improvement. Reviews may be purchased for a one-time fee.

Also offered to business owners is submission to popular search engines, social networks, online portals and guides, cell phone and mobile directories, 411 Directory Assistance, and in-car GPS navigation and On-Star databases.   Each customer receives a customized set of keywords to ensure that their businesses are featured in a way that generates the most publicity. Many of these listings will allow for increased consumer feedback, and therefore a greater online presence.

Local-Map-Listings.com will also manage customer feedback for a monthly subscription fee. Included in that fee is a monthly written report detailing the positive and negative feedback a business has received across the internet and in instances of negative feedback, subscribers receive problem-solving strategies to help them improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive image.

Local-Map-Listings.com helps companies all over the U.S. build their businesses using the power of the internet.  They help small businesses grow using legal and effective promotional methods to expand their online presences. For more information, please visit http://www.local-map-listings.com

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