Savvy Babes Teaches Women To Ditch or Keep Him Like a Pro!

Cheryl Anne Meyer and Tara Landon are two savvy babes with dating advice you gotta hear!

By Darrah Le Montre (Hollywood Today) –“The Rules,” “Why Men Marry Bitches,” “He’s Just Not That Into You.”  Ever since John Gray’s definitive “Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus” skyrocketed the relationship self-help book genre into cataclysmic proportions, women everywhere have been stockpiling Victoria’s Secret and pummeling the Clinique counter in favor of the surest thing to score the perfect mate.  Problem being they had no idea what they wanted or how to spot a loser in plain sight!

Cheryl Anne Meyer and Tara Landon, two twenty-something Canadian authors serve it up fresh and hot in their current hit “Red Flag Rulebook: 50 Dating Rules to Know Whether to Keep Him or Kiss Him Good-bye.”  Imagine your two best girlfriends or the older, wiser sisters you wish you had, giving you snarky tid-bits to live by.

“Both of us had relationships that recently ended and both weren’t any good!” Landon admits to Hollywood Today.   “We wrote some red flags down for ourselves first because we didn’t want to waste time or date the wrong type of guy.”

Word spread, and soon the girls’ friends were asking for copies of those infamous warning signs to apply to their own lives.

Now, they are giving readers a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas!  Tell them a Red Flag that you live by and give a brief description.  The authors, along with a jury, will pick the best one.  If it’s yours, you will be sent to Vegas!  Let the ultimate girls’ getaway begin and submit now!  Must be 21 years or over to enter.  Want to read up on the Red Flags?  Buy The Red Flag Rulebook today and read all 50!

“Having self respect and confidence,” the authors shared with Hollywood Today, “is a huge emotional tool when dating.”  Landon and Meyer admit that many women make the mistake of hanging around too long or trying to fix a guy.

“Don’t sacrifice!  You deserve emotional support, trust and somebody with maturity.  Don’t be lenient on men.  Have realistic expectations and look for a guy who has a sense of self worth – like you do.”

Encouraging women’s self worth is a big message in “Red Flag Rulebook” along with an easy to follow menu for locating the louses and keeping them at bay.

If you are suffering from a bad case of “Loseritis” – a term coined in the book, be sure to evaluate your own needs and check yourself – are you suppressing worthwhile desires (and ignoring better men) to work on your new pet “project”?   Don’t waste your time.

“I don’t believe there is one soul mate out there,” Meyer points out to Hollywood Today.  “What if you live in Canada and he lives in Australia and you never meet?!”  Meyer continues, “timing and compatibility have to go together to make things work.”

“Don’t wear blinders!” Landon warns.

Nixing the whole soul mate theory also helps breakups from being devastation central.

Aside from getting too mystical about your mate, the ladies, whose previous credits include contribution to the bestselling anthology “Making It in High Heels” encourage you to communicate honestly and openly early on (a far cry from “The Rules”) and teach how to spot some familiar archetypes.  You know, like your ex, the “Over OVER Achiever.”  Or better yet, the “Commit-a-phobia” guy, “Weird in Bed” or “Temper Temper.”  Perhaps you’ve dated the dude that texts you dinner invitations?

Whatever the type, whether you’re looking for marriage or something lighter they’ve put the writing on the wall to help you overcome your dating dump and kick it into high gear.

Next up for Tara and Cheryl Anne is a book every savvy gal needed like yesterday: “The Breakup Rulebook” – with tips for prep, aftermath and even being the initiator and what that means for you.  Got a story to tell about your last breakup?  Send the authors your testimonial for a chance to be published!  Email: and be sure to include the juicy details.

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