Girls, Share Your Personal Red Flag Dating Rules and win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas!

The Red Flag Rulebook:   50 Dating Rules – When to Kiss Him or Ditch Him  

Contest ends June 25th, 2010

With thousands and thousands of copies of The Red Flag Rulebook – 50 Dating Rules to know whether to keep him or kiss him good-bye book sold, best-selling authors and TV personalities, Cheryl Anne Meyer and Tara Landon have taken the dating funk out of the lives of women around the world. Now they want to hear from their readers and send one lucky winner and her guest to Las Vegas for the ultimate girls’ getaway. Collecting readers’ own Red Flag rules to live by, the authors, along with a jury, will pick the best one. The winner and her guest will be sent to Las Vegas for a fun-filled 3-days 2-nights vacation, at the expense of their favorite authors, and best girlfriends’ advice dispensers. The prize includes flight and hotel for two. The contest ends June 25th, 2010.

Setting it apart from other dating how-to books, The Red Flag Rulebook serves as the ultimate guide for women looking to recognize and stay away from those not-so-worthy men. Rather than pushing women to act like someone far from their true-selves, or teach them tricks to hook a man, or to change men into something they want them to be, the book takes an in-depth look at 50 “unsavory male personality traits” that should make women head for the hills.

Read, cry and laugh with pearl of wisdom such as,

“You know your guard is down when for the first time I gave a boyfriend a key and he is sitting in my place right now without me…but with my big mountain heap of laundry openly exposed on the floor of my room!


Today’s Bad Pick-up Line : “Are you free tonight or will it cost me?”

Want to read up on the Red Flags? Excerpt of The Red Flag Rulebook today and read all 50!

About the Authors:

Cheryl Anne Meyer: Originally from Ontario, Canada, Ms. Meyer worked as an actress while completing her Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Ryerson University. She is currently working as an advertising copywriter. She contributed a short story to an earlier BurmanBooks title; Making it in High Heels and has since secured a three-year contract with the publisher for other titles of her own

Tara Landon: Ms. Landon hails from Toronto, Canada. She worked as a model during university and holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, she worked in finance before changing careers, now she works as an Advertising Executive.

The Red Flag Rulebook is available on,, and

About Burman Books Inc.

Burman Books Inc. specializes in self-help books with a humorous twist, that motivate readers to make positive changes in their lives. CEO Sanjay Burman is a motivational speaker, master hypnotherapist, producer and the author of Reading People. A frequent guest on Entertainment Tonight, Playboy Radio, CBC, WB and Karma Radio, he publishes books that he hopes will “help readers through any challenges they go through.” Burman Books help you come to your own conclusions and their books provide you with some of the resources to support you on your journey.

BurmanBooks Inc. has sole discretion to choose Las Vegas winner. All contestants must be over 21 years of age to be eligible and winner will be notified by phone call and email. BurmanBooks Inc. has right to disqualify for reasons including but not limited to plagiarism, false age or name, prior legal infractions barring visitation to US destinations, or any relation to authors or content providers in The Red Flag Rulebook.

Media Inquires:

For additional information about The Red Flag Rulebook, or to schedule an interview with the authors, please call Isabelle Rio from Anne Howard Public Relations at 514-523-3771.

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