VeriTweet to Launch Micro-blogging Service for Verified People and Businesses

“Plug & Play Tech Center” based startup  VeriTweet  announced today of launching its micro-blogging service VeriTweet – Tweets from Verified People and Businesses.

Micro-blogging service  is Twitter client with added visual functionalities, like photos and vids, but most important feature is to serve mostly to VERIFIED users – People and Companies, thereby creating  higher quality content.

 “Since Twitter @names became mainstream for Digital Identificators, yet many would like to use their Real Names”, explains Richard Grant, Founder and CEO of VeriTweet. “But due to systemic restrictions desired Twitter names are unavailable for new users, companies and brands.”

One of most attractive technical feature is unified username syntax, allowing similar usernames, thereby fighting against Twitter name squatting and hardly recognized available names.

 Veritweet is introducing a dot as username syntax element (example  .John.Doe), which makes usernames easy to read and perceive for people and  recognized by machines.

The main product is different colors “Verification Bars” for user profiles, which once obtained for VeriTweet would be used in other social networking sites later.

VeriTweet is verifying all accounts by defaults on opposite of Twitter Verified accounts program, available mostly for celebrities.

Service is “Twitter backward compatible” –  which means that binded VeriTweet and Twitter accounts are synchronized in both directions.

“ I am sure, that  respectable Plug and Play Tech Center community rise trust to growing micro-blogging service and will be real test platform by its international scope, and username syntax”, said Richard Grant. “I do hope that Plug and Play community, and its respectable partners, like Silicon Valley Bank, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Greenberg Traurig, Berger Lewis and others will join the service and enjoy reach, high quality content of trusted instant tweets.”

About Veritweet.  Micro-blogging service VeriTweet  is operated by  e-Tag, Inc, Trusted Digital Identity Provider based on Santa Clara, California.

About e-Tag Inc. E-Tag Inc, Santa Clara, CA offers digital identity provider services for digital world.

E-Tag Inc. offerings include two-factor authentication, identity protection, public key infrastructure (PKI), Enterprise PKI and Certificate Authority root signing for Microsoft Certificate Services / Enterprise CA and Email & Authentication Digital certificates. e-Tag Inc. issues and operates trusted digital identificator “e-Tag” or “electronic Tag”.

About Plug and Play Tech Center. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a community of over 280 technology startup companies in the areas of Web 2.0, software (SaaS), systems, semiconductor and telecomm verticals. Since its inception in January 2006 the center has helped the startups raise in excess of $400 million in venture funding. The start-up companies have created a cumulative value of 2 Billion Dollars.

For more information please contact:

e-Tag Inc.,

440 N Wolfe Road,

Sunnyvale, CA 94085,

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