C.J. Doyle founder and Chief Instructor at the ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS, is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this August. is wanted to change that image of the martial arts and the only way he knew how was by teaching it. He believed that the martial arts was for anyone, of any age, race and gender. When Chris started training himself he came across the challenges of what he likes to call “old school” karate. “It was survival of the toughest back then,” Chris recalls. “In my first class we did 500 stride jumps, 150 push ups, hundreds of sit ups and other excersies for the first hour!” he adds. “And then we put on boxing gloves and fight for the rest of the class.” Chris wanted to change all of that “old school” thought processes and get more people to discover the beauty and life skills developed by the discipline of the martial arts arts.

Twenty five years after he opened the doors Chris can boast thousands of students over the years, almost 150 black belts and currently over 400 families training out of his studio. Students of all ages (the youngest is 3 and the oldest is “over 60”), and professions including doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, engineers, moms, dads, teachers, nurses, dentists, accountants, CEO’s and entrepreneurs (Jack Rabba, owner of Rabba Fine Foods, and his sons are black belts at the Academy). Chris has grown from teaching karate and Tai chi classes to evolving into fitness kickboxing (celebrated 15 years this January), Defensive Tactics (police & security training), corporate training (Clients include Revlon, Cisco systems, Government of Ontario, Direct Energy), and the now popular Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) type of training created in 1999 called Kardio Kombat (Also called CAGEFIT™).

Over the years Chris has earned awards and letters of recognition from the Mayor, the prime mister and just received a letter of congratulations this week from Premier Dalton McGunity. Chris and his wife Lesa (a 5th degree black belt) are still enthusiastic and motivated about educating the community on the martial arts and when asked what is in the future for him, Chris (now the 46 year old grey haired karate kid) said “We have huge; I mean huge plans for the future, that’s all I will say!”

25 years ago this August a young , Christopher Doyle (23 back then), karate black belt opened, his martial arts studio with a new black belt around his waist, bursting with enthusiasm and big dreams.

He wanted to educate the community on all the benefits that training in the martial arts had to offer. Most people back then had only watched David Carridine in the TV series “Kung Fu, Bruce Lee “enter the dragon” and b-rated “chop suey” kung fu movies movies of the times. Each movie had lots of action, violence and the good looking atheletic guy always won!

Feedback from students:

“I would have to say that building the lives and characters of people within the Port Credit community has been a monumental success over the

lifetime of this amazing place.  Through hard work, one derives achievements.  Through support, one bui

lds confidence, a sense of teamwork, and also a sense of one’s self esteem.  Through an amazing instructional staff, the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts has continued and I am QUITE sure will continue to provide a positive place where a physical beginning leads to a mental awakening and finally see’s people come to a spiritual enlightenment.”
David Ewart, Black Belt

“…we would like to reflect upon our incredible years of Martial Arts training, mentoring, conditioning and self confidence that now accompanies our entire family through our lives since 1987. However life’s past has directed us we have always felt confident in knowing that The Academy of Martial Arts has always been there to encourage and be a solid positive influence in our future endeavors.Gagne Family

“It is very apparent by standing in the dojo at an given point in the day, the remarkable achievements as well as current positive impact on many kids, parents, families, students, teachers, neighbors and the community at large. The maturity of the dojo is a testament to the time, dedication, passion, commitment, struggle, and perseverance that you and your staff at the Academy have achieved and I look forward to many more years of continuous growth.” Nabeel Kaukab, Blue Belt

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