Web Hosting Provider Super M Launches New Logo And Web site

Leading domain name and web hosting provider, Super M, launched a new catchy tag-line, logo and a brand-new website that targets individuals, small and mid size businesses and multi-national corporations.

Salil Mahajan, Business Head and CEO of SuperM.com remarked, “We are thrilled to launch new logo and web site today as we reach this milestone of serving the domain name and web hosting industry for 11 successful years with over 2 million happy customers worldwide. A new logo, tag-line and a new attractive user-friendly website – a total brand identity design will give our business an edge over our competitors. We expect Super M to continue to flourish and continue to help our domain and web hosting customers for many more years to come.”

Anshul Arora, NIFT student dear friend of Salil launched the new logo and web site at Bangalore, India. Anshul said, “The new brand identity design is the logical next step to cement Super M’s brand promise for today’s Internet presence products consumers.”

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Super M’s new logo is simple and modern. Designed in vibrant red color which represents energy and life. It also stands for passion and warmth. It is auspicious color in many traditions. All these values epitomize the spirit of Super M. The new logo text is in lower case. It is fresh and contemporary. It is simpler, more personal and easy to read and make impact.

Super M’s new tag line ‘Make a Name on the Web with Us’ reveals Super M’s corporate mission: to provide products, services and tools for novice and advanced users to enable them build, grow and enhance their online businesses and internet presence at affordable cost.

The brand-new SuperM.com website is now much more user-friendly and fast and has given 100% uptime in one-year of beta period. The new website has one-click access to sales, technical and billing support as well as neatly crafted products and services web pages with relevant useful information and pricing in international currencies for each and every product. The new website is easy to navigate and is secured with iron-clad SSL certificate with upto 256-bit of encryption.

Richard Ogilvy, Agency Head says, “The dramatically redesigned logo and Web site reflects the growing needs of our customers with a fresh, contemporary style and enhanced functionality.”

Speaking about Brand Positioning Salil said, “Super M is the leading international domain registrar and web hosting provider, delivering superb performance, and Fanatique Support at cheapest pricing on the Internet. We are global in our reach, and we continue to break new ground and go beyond expectations.”

SuperM.com offers individuals and businesses over 50 products and services like: domain name registration, web hosting, servers, email, ssl certificates, online marketing tools, custom web design and logo design solutions – all backed by 24/7 Fanatique Support over phone and email.

To learn more about services and products offered by Super M visit http://www.SuperM.com/

About Super M:
SuperM.com offers complete web solutions for individuals, small & mid-size businesses worldwide. SuperM.com provides services like domain name registration, web hosting, servers, email, ssl certificates, custom web site design, custom logo design, internet marketing and other internet presence products that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence. Super M is rated as #1 best web hosting provider and domain name registrar – hosting 1 million web sites successfully since 1998. SuperM.com has 24/7 in-house International call center, 300,000 sq.ft. data center, 24/7 network operations center to assist and serve its 2 million and growing customers.

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