CEDAC new web portal goes live- Streamlines Business Processes

 Blue Robin, Inc., a leader in building customized eBusiness infrastructures,  has completed the  development and the implementation of  a complete web infrastructure for CEDAC, (Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation) that includes a centralized, multi-domain portal Content Management System, CRM, and Event/Workshop portal management system.

The proof of CEDAC’s impact on the non-profit development community goes far deeper than just the buildings it helps to create, the policies it helps to formulate.  For each endeavor, there are many lives that touched by the positive changes brought about by CEDAC’s work. Whether it be a new building, a place for children, a safer neighborhood, or the chance to call a house a home, CEDAC and its non-profit partners truly renew the spirit of community in neighborhoods across Massachusetts. 

 “Blue Robin’s  understanding of what we needed to modernize our processes and provide our constituencies and our employees an automated, centralized platform on the web have been an invaluable asset” states Karen Kelley Deputy Director and CFO at CEDAC.   “Our multiple web sites are the main conduit and communication channel to build brand identity, and awareness in addition to providing content and interaction for all of our constituencies and target audiences.  Our new web infrastructure consolidates our mission critical data into one centralized database, and meets all of our current needs while allowing us to scale up for any future requirements”.  

 “We are delighted to be part of the technology team of CEDAC – such a vital resource for organizations engaged in community economic development with a great mission. This project’s main challenge was CEDAC’s wide range of constituencies with diverse needs.  We custom designed and developed CEDAC’s web infrastructure with this diversity of needs in mind to serve audiences from non-profit organizations involved in housing or workforce development, to neighborhood economic development organizations, to child care facilities. We are confident adopting web-based automation will help CEDAC significantly in streamlining their processes and gain efficiency” states Hadi Shavarini CEO of Blue Robin.       

 About CEDAC:  CEDAC is a public-private, community development finance institution that provides technical assistance, pre-development lending, and consulting services to non-profit organizations involved in housing development, workforce development, neighborhood economic development, and capital improvements  to child care facilities.  

 About Blue Robin, Inc. : Blue Robin provides and supports adaptable web infrastructure for businesses and organizations with 2 to 200 employees. Our cost effective web-based business automation solutions enable our clients to streamline their business processes, gain efficiency and accelerate their growth by leveraging the IT evolution.

Hadi Shavarini, CEO, Co-founder, Blue Robin, Inc. P: 781-577-6010 hadi@bluerobin.com



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