iLoop Mobile Acquires Competitor MobileVerbs

Market leader acquires mobile couponing innovator MobileVerbs, expands reach with advanced messaging analytics

iLoop Mobile, a premier mobile marketing provider to the world’s largest brands, agencies and media companies, today announced the acquisition of MobileVerbs and its unique situational relevance engine. The acquired technology allows marketers to heighten the impact of mobile marketing with coupons directly applicable to what consumers are doing and where they are doing it. 

Mobile coupons are a primary focus of marketers’ plans in 2010. iLoop Mobile’s acquisition of competitor MobileVerbs strengthens the company’s mobile marketing solutions, building on its existing offering with a patent-pending couponing engine that handles not only the basics of quota management, distribution timing, expiration and validation management, but also makes possible the delivery of personalized coupons to individual consumers based on location, weather, redemption history, or any other external event or trigger. The solution allows marketers using the iLoop Mobile Platform to dynamically target individual consumers and groups of consumers using any number of criteria and triggers. The integrated solution is available today. The acquired technology also includes the foundation for advanced messaging analytics, which will be available shortly.

Matt Harris, iLoop Mobile CEO commented: “We are pleased to announce the acquisition. We knew MobileVerbs’ patent-pending technology, when combined with our market-leading platform, would create a unique offering—an offering that the market is demanding now. Our strong 2009 financial results allowed us to complete the acquisition more quickly than we had forecast and we’ll make further announcements regarding our advanced couponing solution and messaging analytics over the next two months.” 

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