Punch Highlights Importance of Evolving Social Networks

PR agency Punch Communications has highlighted the importance of the evolution of social networking websites following the rolling out of Facebook’s latest changes this week.

Social networks change their formats from time to time, which typically cause uproar amongst users, as they grapple to get used to the new changes in order to continue to utilise the networks.

Facebook’s latest revamp has altered the face of the site for the third time since its inception causing widespread confusion with some users even stating that they will cease to use the site if it continues and creating groups to lobby the founders of Facebook to return to the previous format.

Although these changes can indeed be frustrating, technology PR agency Punch has indicated the importance of these changes in terms of the incorporation of new features that will benefit users and continue to transform the ways in which people and businesses use social media in future.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of the digital PR experts, said: “With every upgrade that a popular social network rolls out there is understandably frustration experienced by users. This is an unfortunate characteristic of technology, which in its very nature is always changing and evolving.

“Facebook’s latest changes have improved functionality and navigation on the site which will make it more user-friendly for new users. Brands in particular should embrace and support these new changes as for them their Facebook pages are becoming increasingly socialized – their updates are finding more space on member’s homepages, driving more traffic towards the page, creating more engagement opportunities for brands.”

Punch Communications is a boutique PR, social media and SEO Agency working with technology and consumer clients across the UK and the rest of the world.

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