Warns Against Winter Battery Problems

Vehicle owners should be aware of the risk of battery failure over the winter period according to New UK-based website, which offers a range of award-winning smart chargers covering cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

When the temperatures reach freezing point over the winter, a battery can lose around 35% of its efficiency compared to normal temperatures, this rising to as much as 50% in negative temperatures. When this is coupled with the power demanded by the ignition when turning an engine on, the combination can quite easily lead to battery failure.

Another problem that is likely to be faced by vehicle owners, particularly motorcycle owners, is that of a battery becoming sulphated.  An extended period of inactivity causes this, and so winter hibernation periods for bikes and have a negative effect.

As an expert in battery care and maintenance, has indicated that vehicles owners can avoid such problems over the winter period by investing in a battery charger for cars or motorcycles. Whilst serving the primary function of charging batteries to their full capacity, the specialist CTEK chargers provided by also galvanise and protect the battery, improving resistance to weather and overall battery life.

A spokesman for commented:

“In order to ensure that vehicle batteries are in the best possible condition following the winter period, vehicle owners should make use of a car or motorcycle battery charger. Keeping the battery connected to a smart charger throughout the colder months will ensure that there is no loss of efficiency. Owners will be able to rest assured that they will not experience battery problems in freezing temperatures.” is a brand new website, providing resources for consumers looking to find out more about batter care. The website is host to the entire range of chargers produced by CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries.

For more information or to order one of the CTEK range of smart chargers, please visit or call 0844 815 3600 to place an order.

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