GizaPage Creates Social Media Hubs for Bloggers

With GizaPage, bloggers and brands can now create their own white label Social Media Hub, that combines all of their social profiles, which in turn is integrated within their own website. Bloggers and brands can now use this personalized hub to engage their fans on Facebook , Twitter, and their other social profiles without leaving their website. The social media hub also provides them with direct-to-profile links which they use to replace conventional links of Facebook, Twitter, etc. on their blogs, emails and social networks. The new links load up the respective profile on the hub, thereby inviting the fan to engage on it, while subtly promoting the other profiles of the blogger or brand. This further engages the community to socialize with the brand thereby adding value to both.


*, announces new features to help brands and bloggers improve social media engagement by their fans.


* Direct-To-Profile GizaLinks replace conventional social media links on a homepage, blog or email signature. The new links open up the desired profile within a GizaPage on the brand’s own website, thereby inviting fans to engage across all of the brand’s social media profiles.


* White Label header and URL empowers brands and bloggers to customize the look and feel of their GizaPage and harness the power of each social profile on the brand’s own website.


* Upgraded GizaAnalytics to better gauge the popularity of social media outreach, and identify trends by number of visits and geography.


* GizaPage-in-60 seconds allows brands and bloggers to instantly try GizaPage with their own profiles before registering for an account.

With the new Direct-To-Profile GizaLinks and White Label service, a brand can send fans directly into their various social profiles without ever leaving their own website. For example, consider the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – An original Facebook link on Smithsonian’s homepage would direct the fans away from Smithsonian’s website to However, with a Direct-To-Profile GizaLink, Facebook would open within Smithsonian’s own website, The fans can then engage on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the brand’s social profiles in one unified environment.


GizaPage is a social media hub that helps consumers and brands optimize their social media outreach by aggregating and serving their many profiles side by side on one webpage.

PRE-APPROVED QUOTES – Attributable to Amit Jaipuria, founder

* “The new Facebook GizaLink on a brand’s home page will not only allow their fans to visit Facebook, but also invite them to interact with its other profiles, thereby maximizing engagement between the fan and the brand.”

* “The GizaPage white label feature allows brands and bloggers to keep their fans within their website while allowing them to engage across Facebook, Twitter, and any of its other social profiles. This helps a brand retain its visual identity, while giving its fans a centralized social media experience.”

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