Collecta Real-time Search: MySpace Edition

Collecta Offers First Real-time Window into the Vibrancy of MySpace

Collecta’s Site Search Platform captures the unique essence of what’s happening right now through real-time streaming results that reveal the community’s innermost thoughts, emotions, images, videos…

 – December 29, 2009 – Collecta, the streaming real-time search company that has been accelerating the pace of Internet search, launched a dedicated search that offers the first true real-time view into MySpace. Based on Collecta’s Site Search Platform and the MySpace real-time stream API, the search provides a unique look into the rich collection of public comments, photos, links, and videos that are coursing through the MySpace community every second.

At, MySpace users and anyone else can perform real-time searches on any topic, from snow and New Year’s to the Senate health care bill. The Collecta-powered search pushes out content the moment it is published and lets users filter their result streams based on content type (videos, photos, blog comments, articles, updates, etc). Each result includes the poster’s ‘mood’, providing a fascinating, streaming window into the raw emotions and feelings of the community.

“Collecta brings the size and richness of the MySpace community to light – its instantaneous results provide insight into our users’ moods and activities. It’s great to see how quickly Collecta has used the MySpace Real-Time Stream API to deliver new value to people on the web,” said Mike Jones, Chief Operating Officer at MySpace.

Gerry Campbell, CEO of Collecta, added, “The vibrancy of MySpace is unlike any other network on the Web. MySpace users are actively sharing an amazing volume of pictures and media, as well as expressing their thoughts on a very emotional and raw level. Our search platform cuts right into the center of all this activity. It reveals a slice of humanity that you couldn’t see otherwise. Even a search for a basic term like ‘happy’ is incredibly fascinating.”

Since MySpace features publicly-shared content, a real-time MySpace search offers far greater opportunities to discover entirely new content and insights compared to a search that’s limited to one’s existing social sphere.

The dedicated MySpace search is based on Collecta’s XMPP-based platform that shoots out information instantaneously. As a result, searchers have the power to view a continuously updating stream of results without having to hit refresh or restart their query.

“Our robust Site Search Platform enables us to offer a similar experience for any site  — whether it has a handful of users or more than 100 million like MySpace,” said Jack Moffitt, CTO at Collecta. “Collecta is more than a platform; it’s an exciting window into a site’s data that shows activity, trends, and perspectives that have never been seen before…things that would be ranked out of visibility by other search methods.”

In the future, MySpace public content will be incorporated into the breadth of real-time content at, aggregated alongside content from established news leaders like Reuters, social sites like Twitter and blogs, and more.

The Collecta Site Search Platform is already powering real-time search for, an open-source micro-blogging service. Other social network, news publisher, sports or entertainment sites can use the platform to provide the same level of accessibility and transparency for their site and users.

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Collecta represents a new way to experience search, in real time. Collecta is the Web’s most powerful real-time search engine, posting matching stories, blogs, photos, and comments as they happen. By aggregating content in real time, Collecta offers a new and more comprehensive view of what’s going on in the world right now. For more information, visit

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