iLoop Mobile Helps Parents Put Kids to Bed on Christmas Eve

Text SANTA to 44264 to get text message from Santa telling kids to go to bed…NOW!

iLoop Mobile, a premier provider of mobile marketing software and solutions to the world’s largest brands, agencies and enterprises, today announced a fun, free messaging service for parents that sends a text message from Santa to any US mobile phone. As any parent knows, one of the hardest tasks on Christmas Eve is getting excited children into bed. iLoop Mobile is lending a hand by offering a text message service that “sends a message from Santa” to their mobile phone, telling children to head to bed without any further delay. When any parent texts SANTA to 44264, the following text message is returned:

“Hello children in the United States! I’ll be at your house very soon. Listen to your parents and go to sleep now so I can bring your presents. Ho Ho Ho –Santa.”

The service is offered at no cost and without any premium charges. Parents are charged for a standard text message as per their mobile subscription plan.

The idea hit me when I was at a planetarium with my nephew,said Michael Ahearn, head of marketing & communications at iLoop Mobile.He really wanted something from the gift shop, my brother had already bought it for him as a present from Santa but as kids do he was pretty insistent. We told him Santa already knew he wanted it and still, he didn’t want to take the risk. Then it struck me how I could end the discussion. I sent a text message to my brother’s phone, a ‘text message from Santa’ telling my nephew he was covered on that toy. If it appeared on the phone, it had to be true. As a child I remember the ‘authority’ of radio station announcements of Santa being picked up by NORAD radar would get us into bed. iLoop Mobile takes that historical Christmas Eve event, and uses mobile to make it personalized for the next generation.”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.

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