Sending Holiday Cheers in Your Own Voice on Facebook

By RushPR staff

These days, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones during the holidays tends to take place somewhere online. More often than not ,this is on a social networking site, via a status update, Tweet, direct message, or Wall post. But do any of these give you the warmth of voice?


In a trend driven by the iPhone, smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, offering users a choice between voice and text-based communication using SMS, email and other tools yet on social networks, voice services are hard to come by.

However, a few innovators are bringing your voice to the social media landscape. babyTEL, a Montreal-based VoIP company, is leading the way into this new form of social media—a voice-driven social medium.

babyTEL recently launched the second generation of its free Facebook app,Telephone.With Telephone, you use a softphone called the eggphone that launches directly from Facebook.

With this app, users can call and receive calls from their friends around the world anywhere they can connect to the social networking site. Telephone not only allows users to speak to one another without ever leaving Facebook, but also chat with friends on other popular networks like MSN and AIM.

One of our favorite features is the Voiceblast, with which you can send a voice message to up to 40 friends at one time.

During the holiday season, when all of our social calendars quickly fill up with festive events, why not send invitations in your own voice? Telephone makes this incredibly easy, as friends don’t even need to add the application to their own profiles to listen to messages. All they have to do is click on the notification and listen.

This is the time of year when we want to reach out most, to tell those we care about just how much they mean to us. Now you can, in your own voice. What’s more, the basic service is free.  Click here to add it:

 From RushPR,  Happy Holidays everyone!


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