Staff Training Can Help Ensure That Businesses Are Ready For The Economic Upturn

Businesses should look towards training new recruits in order to be ready for any influx in activity brought on by an economic upturn according to Perspective, a leading provider of learning management software for educational bodies.

Perspective has advised that businesses need to make the most of opportunities to employ apprenticeship schemes in their recruitment policy, in order to be sufficiently prepared for any eventualities regarding an upturn in the economy.

The demands of such an upturn are likely to place stress on any workforces that have been reduced as a consequence of the recession, and Perspective has indicated that the most efficient and productive way of combating a potentially increased workload is to begin the training of new workers sooner as opposed to later.

The creation of such a process will reap great benefits for both the business and society as a whole. Money will be saved in the long term through the implementation of an apprenticeship scheme, whilst such initiatives will serve to relieve the UK’s growing unemployment numbers, particularly those who are not in education, employment or training.

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Perspective, said: “Modern apprenticeship models have the potential to greatly assist businesses in their journey out of the economic downturn that we have experienced. By training and developing a new, younger workforce, a business is building a solid base for its future growth prospects.

Perspective is a leading provider of learner management solutions for those businesses who do employ apprenticeship schemes. Sunesis is a software package that is specifically designed to facilitate the implementation of such schemes, allowing companies to effectively monitor the training and progress of the students. A variety of features enable them to form progress and training reports, whilst also creating targets and landmarks for individual learners.

Perspective also has a software package dedicated to support the delivery of diplomas as part of the 14-19 agenda. Collaborative Learning Manager (CLM) has been designed in conjunction with sector professionals to link the partners involved in a diverse range of learning environments and to meet the requirements of the ever evolving UK education sector.

Perspective is also an expert in Systems Interoperability Framework integration, which aims to facilitate the exchanging of information between educational bodies. The system facilitates better management and accessibility of data between schools and local authorities, taking away any strain placed on the delivery of the diploma by differing software packages.

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