Nearly 100 neglected sled dogs rescued in Quebec

Imagine being left in a forest, chained to a tree, without regular access to proper food, clean water or adequate shelter. Imagine growing more and more desperate as the days and weeks go by, your cries unanswered.

For approximately 100 neglected sled dogs in Québec, this was reality until their owner surrendered them, and Humane Society International and the SPCA Laurentide-Labelle arrived to rescue them. Please consider a donation to help us stop this kind of suffering.

As we walked onto the property, my heart broke. The huskies had been chained to plywood structures over barren stretches of frozen mud. Hungry and dehydrated, they were unable to move more than the two-meter radius their chains permitted.

I am always amazed by the power of dogs to forgive. It was as if they realized we were there to help them, and slowly the miserable, emaciated huskies began to wag their tails as we approached. The dogs began to bark in excitement, but one remained quiet, waiting as his friends were rescued. I went to him and, as I grew closer, I realized he was blind because of cataracts—another casualty of the neglect these dogs endured. Carefully, we walked him to freedom, and the promise of a better life.

We arrived just in time. Winter is coming, and many of these dogs may not have survived without our intervention. With extreme cold temperatures approaching, these dogs—including a number of puppies—could have faced a horrific death.

Thankfully, our rescue operation was a complete success. One by one, we led or carried the dogs into our Emergency Services vehicle, and transported them to our emergency shelter an hour away—space generously donated by a local businessperson. There, dedicated volunteers from United Animal Nations will provide round-the-clock care, while SPCA LL veterinarians will treat and vaccinate the dogs. Once healthy, these deserving dogs will be adopted out to loving homes in Canada and the United States.

While these lucky dogs are now safe in their warm, temporary enclosures, so many more less fortunate animals across Canada still face neglect and abuse. With your help, we can ensure sled dogs and other animals do not have to face this kind of misery again.

Please give what you can to help us continue to fight cruelty by rescuing animals and advocating for stronger laws.

Together, we can make animal suffering a thing of the past.

Rebecca Aldworth
Rebecca Aldworth
Humane Society International/Canada

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