New Aberdeen Report: iLoop Mobile Dials Into Mobile Marketing ROI

Free Derivative Report Covers How iLoop Mobile Is Helping Best-In-Class Companies Produce ROI in Mobile Marketing

iLoop Mobile, the leading provider of mobile marketing technology solutions and services to the world’s largest brands, agencies, and enterprises, is featured in the newly released free Aberdeen Derivative Report titled iLoop Mobile Dials into Marketing ROI with Expanded Platform and New Resource Hub. The derivative report includes detailed market/customer examples and success metrics/data on how iLoop Mobile is enabling market leaders such as Money Mailer, Access 360 Media, E! Entertainment and the Weather Channel to achieve successful returns on mobile marketing investments. The derivative report is a follow on to Aberdeen’s in-depth full study titled Mobile Marketing: Why It Pays to Reach Consumers on the Go.

Some of the key questions companies ask when seeking to leverage the mobile channel for marketing purposes are “how does a company establish a strategy for mobile marketing”, “what are the tools and services required” and finally “how do you measure the success of a campaign?” All of these questions fold into the over-arching question: “how do you derive ROI from mobile marketing?” The Aberdeen derivative report provides important information and data relating to the strategies used by best-in-class companies to deploy mobile marketing initiatives, and how a company such as iLoop Mobile is providing the necessary platform and services to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing campaigns for return on marketing investment (ROMI) in the mobile channel.

Report Highlights

The first section of the report overviews the top reasons why companies are turning to mobile, with the top two factors being the need to improve precision marketing and to increase customer acquisition. Added to this are the cost constraints being imposed by the economic downturn, which make new media channels such as mobile attractive to marketers seeking effectiveness at lower cost. Best-in-class companies are also 10 times more likely than “laggard” companies to have defined performance metrics in place for measuring mobile marketing effectiveness, and that 60% of them use a mobile marketing enabler like iLoop Mobile to help them develop and manage their mobile marketing and content distribution initiatives.

Many of iLoop Mobile’s customers are reporting success and return on investment in their mobile campaigns. The Aberdeen derivative report goes into detail on the campaigns and results around companies like Money Mailer, Access 360 and others who are showing exceptional success in mobile marketing. For example, Money Mailer describes campaigns reporting doubled redemption rates, increases as high as 23% in opt-ins in the first few days of a mobile enabled campaign, and ROI ratios of $20 for every $1 in integrated shared mail/mobile campaigns. Access 360 Media also reports successes of double-digit opt-in rates, mobile coupon subscriptions reaching 50,000 consumers and redemption rates reaching 20%.

“We are excited to have worked with Aberdeen on this report that provides essential information on how mobile marketing is being successfully deployed by tier-one companies,” said Michael Becker, VP mobile strategy at iLoop Mobile. “The question of how companies can achieve return on investment in mobile is critical, and this report sheds light on how these leading companies are using best practices to produce impressive results.”

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