iLoop Mobile Introduces Easy and Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign Packages

iLoop Mobile Campaign Packages Enable Simple and Fast Deployment With Proven ROI for Customer Acquisition, Brand Awareness, Coupon Redemption, Loyalty and Other Mobile Marketing Campaigns

iLoop Mobile, the leading provider of mobile marketing technology solutions and services to the world’s largest brands, agencies and enterprises, has announced the launch of the new iLoop Mobile Campaign Packages. The Campaign Packages are a suite of readymade marketing campaigns designed to make it easy to launch and measure mobile marketing initiatives. The ready-to-launch campaigns are managed by iLoop Mobile’s experienced Campaign Services team, who have created and managed 1000’s of campaigns powered by iLoop Mobile’s industry leading platform. The campaigns can be rapidly deployed and are easily integrated into digital and traditional marketing campaigns in order to increase overall effectiveness, consumer opt in and ROI for mobile marketing. Intended for those new to mobile marketing as well as experienced digital marketers, the readymade campaigns provide solutions to the questions of “what to do”, “how do I start” and “what will work” in regards to mobile marketing.

The eight different Campaign Packages include different combinations of SMS messaging/marketing, mobile Internet sites, Web pages enabled for mobile, voice channel marketing (IVR), and other advanced options for multi-faceted campaigns that intelligently combine the right set of mobile “tools” to accomplish the marketing objective. The eight Campaign Packages are:


  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness
  • Coupons & Promos
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Content Distribution
  • Customer Service
  • Viral Marketing
  • Cause Marketing


The iLoop Mobile Campaign Packages are designed to accomplish specific marketing goals that grow businesses and increase return on marketing investment. Customers using iLoop Mobile’s SMS packages have recorded excellent opt-in metrics for customer acquisition programs. Access 360 Media, a leading interactive/digital media agency using iLoop Mobile’s solutions through its mobile division called Mobile360™, saw one retailer’s SMS coupon subscription acquire 10,000 subscribers in the first two weeks of its campaign, with the database of subscribers now reaching 50,000 in eight months–and growing. Another SMS campaign posted a 23% redemption rate, 7 times the redemption rate of direct mail and email direct marketing offers run previously by their brand client. Mobile opt-in also sticks–the same campaign recorded less than 1% opt-out.

Money Mailer, a leading provider of targeted local advertising, with nearly 600 franchises in the United States, offers marketing solutions, including direct mail and online coupon distribution, which serve thousands of companies. Money Mailer has expanded its capabilities with mobile marketing campaigns enabled by iLoop Mobile that are delivering consistent ROI for its clients. One Money Mailer customer example is a franchise location at a top five fast-food restaurant chain that achieved great ROI with a mobile coupon campaign complemented by direct mail. To improve the amount of daily transactions and increase revenue generated per customer, Money Mailer provided the franchisee with an iLoop Mobile powered integrated mobile marketing campaign encouraging customers to opt-in to receive mobile text message promotions for free drink items and other discounts. The franchisee created in-store banners with the mobile call to action (keyword/shortcode) and counter cards that drive-thru attendants would give to customers. The mobile campaign component was a fraction of the cost of the overall shared mail campaign, yet boosted the redemption rate of Money Mailer’s offers to nearly double the amount that was being generated by shared mail alone. The result was an increase in the opt-in database by more than 23% the first ten days they were used. Most importantly, the restaurant was able to achieve more than a $20 to $1 ROI with the integrated shared mail/mobile integrated campaign. The redemption rate on the mobile messages is 17% to this highly engaged, targeted group of customers.

Mobile click through rates also dramatically outperform online Web CTR, with iLoop Mobile campaigns showing differences as great as nearly 8% CTR for mobile versus 0.03% for online Web. And once they’ve clicked through, visits to a destination mobile landing site result in significant increases in all brand metrics. A mobile site created for Hardee’s using an iLoop Mobile campaign package reported an ad awareness increase of 49%, message association up 64% and purchase intent up 45%. Pure customer acquisition conversion and database building was also significant from the Hardee’s site, with 15% of visitors submitting their profile data into the database.

The Campaign Packages offer an excellent alternative to self-service ASP mobile technology platforms that offer powerful capabilities, but that also require strong technical proficiency with the software, as well as strategic, tactical and best practices knowledge to create mobile campaigns. The iLoop Mobile Campaign Packages simplify the whole process, offering a ready-to-launch “mobile marketing toolkit” of campaigns that achieve focused marketing objectives with pre-configured strategies, tactics and best practice user flows and features. With the packages, companies can effectively:


  • Increase acquisition of target customers
  • Promote products/services with mobile coupons & promos with high redemption rates
  • Increase and reward customer loyalty
  • Increase brand awareness and affinity
  • Distribute/monetize digital content
  • Provide convenient interactive customer service
  • Create viral consumer-to-consumer brand reinforcement
  • Facilitate cause related marketing and charity donation programs


The campaigns provide convenient flat fee, bundled pricing that includes campaign creation, management, use of a shared short code for SMS components and carrier campaign certification.

For more information, please contact Shannon Burgess at, tel: (408) 907-3370.

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