Seductress Spices Up Bedrooms One At A Time.

Set the stage for a hotter sex life with SCRIPTS 4 PLAY

Seductress Spices Up Bedrooms One At A Time.

IN BRIEF: Seductress T M Lee, has seen the statistics: the world population is not satisfied with its sex life. Lee has boldly set out to rectify the situation by writing four plays that are designed to help couples ignite-or rekindle-the flame of desire. In a strategy that’s a first in the world of publishing, Lee invites couples to download the erotic scenarios contained in her e-book Scripts 4 Play, then rehearse and perform them with one another. Scripts 4 Play will be available for download at


IN FULL: Sadly, Seductress T M Lee wasn’t surprised when the results of the latest Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey were released, which was sponsored by the condom manufacturer Durex. (Results of the survey are available at Durex quizzed 26,000 people in 26 countries and revealed that only 38 per cent of us are fully satisfied with our sex lives.


“Clearly, more communication and a greater sense of adventure would help,” Seductress says. “That’s why I created Scripts 4 Play.” Seductress designed her playful erotic scenarios to appeal to a variety of tastes and moods.


In The Way Your Lips Curve, a southern belle named Miss Savannah and her butler Beauregard burn with love-and lust-for one another. Because of the differences in their stations, they have never declared their mutual affection, but one night Savannah asks Beauregard to help her with her bath, and her request unleashes a torrent of tender worship. As Beauregard massages each part of Savannah’s body, he tells her why that part is beautiful. Savannah returns the favour.


Scripts 4 Play isn’t afraid of being naughty. In Juice, bored widow Delilah Reed plots the seduction of Joe, the virginal young Jehovah’s Witness whom she’s been inviting over for Bible study for four months.


Humour plays an important role in this collection. In Comeuppance, a first-year law student named Sandra thinks she’s in control as she reels in Brian, her father’s law partner-until Brian turns the tables on her. As the power dynamics between these two flip, their version of dirty talk involves Latin legal terms, including mens rea, which means “guilty mind.”



All of the scripts are entirely women-friendly and empowering. That is especially evident in Pearls, in which a sexually repressed career woman named Sophia hires Antoine, the crème de la crème of escorts. In this scenario, as in the whole collection, actors are invited to appreciate their own desirability and set their fantasies free.



“People don’t invest enough time in their sex lives,” Lee maintains. That’s why Scripts 4 Play includes a contract that encourages couples to commit to spending a certain number of deliciously erotic hours with each other every week. And, since the point is to maximize arousal, Lee suggests that partners place playful wagers on who can get through the entire script, line for line, without giving in to the temptation to abandon the text prematurely.


In addition, the power of words and actions can make or break a relationship. Each person in the relationship wants to hear their partner tell them that they are smart, sexy, beautiful or handsome. They want to be reassured that they are loved, and that they are special. Scripts 4 Play helps couples with a loss for positive and loving words to set the stage for a loving play date to recreate fun and magical moments. Couples that Role Play Together STAY Together.



Seductress’ goal isn’t world domination-exactly-but she does have global ambitions. “Couples who have great sex benefit humanity,” she says, “because they make the world a better and happier place.” Couples that have great sex together are usually happier together as a family unit. Frequent and good sex deepens the bonds of their relationship.



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