Mobify 2.0 Launches

Top Publishers Mobify Their Websites to Improve Experience for Mobile Visitors and Capture Mobile Advertising Revenue

Mobify (, a leading mobile publishing service, announced the launch of the new release of its self-serve platform. Thanks to improved support of WordPress, Drupal and ExpressionEngine, as well as an upgraded design dashboard, optimizing websites for mobile access is now even simpler. The new mobile API for Google Analytics is fully supported by Mobify, allowing easy access to mobile traffic data for every device.

Top publishers VIBE (, DISCOVER ( and WebMasterRadio ( have recently gone mobile using the Mobify self-serve. “I’ve converted sites for mobile in the past, and it has always been difficult”, said Kevin Woolery, CTO of Jetpack Digital. “With Mobify, we had a mobile version of VIBE up in no time. I’ll be the first to recommend Mobify to anybody who is looking to get a high-quality mobile presence without having to re-architect their site”.


  • Mobile in Minutes — Mobify makes existing websites mobile-friendly, saving publishers weeks of R&D time with its self-serve interface.
  • Capture 100% of the Mobile Traffic — Mobile visitors of the desktop website automatically receive a mobile-friendly version, optimized for their device.
  • Turn on Mobile Advertising — Site owners can integrate any ad server or ad network for serving mobile ads, capturing revenue from valuable mobile impressions.
  • Integrated Analytics — View mobile analytics in Google Analytics or AdMob Analytics, with data provided via direct APIs by Mobify.



  • Visual Approach to Mobile Design — Pick mobile content from a live version of the full site or add sections only visible to mobile visitors.
  • Flexibility and Power of CSS — As the mobile version uses pages of the full site, adjusting styles for mobile is quick and effective.
  • Automated Device Adaptation — Mobify adapts images, styles and media to over 5,000 mobile devices in order to guarantee the best experience for any mobile visitor.

“Mobify made going mobile quite simple, including integrating mobile analytics & advertising”, said Gemma Shusterman, Web Producer for DISCOVER magazine. “We were very happy with responsiveness of the support team, especially during the big launch”, she added.


Mobify ( is changing the mobile web experience by giving publishers, web designers and advertisers control over mobile. Its self-serve environment makes it easy for website owners to launch a high-quality mobile version, integrating popular analytics & advertising services. Mobify is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.


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