“Do More With Less” Economy: TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD

McGraw Hill’s Timely New Book for this “Do More With Less” Economy: TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOd

— In today’s economy our nation’s workers and families stretch to “do more with less” – often adding more to already endless to-do lists. Busyness destroys balance in life – health, relationships, finances, and careers – scrambling priorities and all to often in the wrong order leading to stress and a cluttering of life with too many activities, endless to-do lists, and not enough time to re-charge to do the things really needed to do. In McGraw-Hill’s new book, TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (McGraw-Hill; 2009), award-winning author, Connie Merritt, RN, PHN, offers specific techniques and details on how to assess and manage obstacles that can drain us.

It is estimated that 90% of visits to primary care physicians are due to stress-related illnesses, such as indigestion, headaches, back and neck problems as well as insomnia. Phones continue ringing, emails stack and people run from commitment to commitment, TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD provides self-tests, quizzes, and breakthrough information and, synthesizes the latest findings in medicine, psychology, sociology, and business on stress and busyness.

“Once we start asking what else you can fit into your schedule, where does it end?” states Merritt. “And in these times of “do more with less” — we feel forced to multitask to get it all done often adding more demands to an already long list of things to do. And, even if we get it all done, there’s still more!”

TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD offers rescues to help assess and kick the busyness habit. With step-by-step tools outlined in her book people can:

– Identify and stop unhealthy multitasking

– Energize when in a slump with exercises and learn how to implement strategies and techniques for bringing new vitality into life

– Discover ways to be more efficient with projects to focus on the things that really matter

– Deal with difficult people without letting them drain important resources

– Identify how to make choices on purpose

– Develop skills for flexibility and managing change, uncertainty and stress with

strategies on how to balance compassion with logic in the face of change

– Tips on how to keep focus of goals when multiple demands are placed

– Effective time management tips to lighten loads, (getting more done and reducing stress)

– Along with important skills on how to handle resistance that comes with change

Relevant and timely, Connie Merritt is an experienced storyteller and her work draws upon her experience as a nurse, business owner and recovering Superwomen

“Busyness has been called a ‘soft addiction,'” Merritt states. “When you’re busy and moving fast, you receive a little physic and physical boost–a sort of high, not unlike that of a drug addict. As with most addictive behaviors, that feeling doesn’t last very long, and then you need even more to get that high again.”

Merritt combines her medical experience, her patient care and coaching skills with her abilities as a researcher and motivator to help break the damaging cycle of stress addiction. Putting better health (mental and otherwise) in reach for America’s stressed-out masses, TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD replaces busyness with balance–and energized living.

About the Author: CONNIE MERRITT, RN, PHN

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A compelling storyteller and accomplished author, Connie Merritt, RN, PHN, has been nicknamed “The Lion Tamer,” for her masterful teachings on improving relationships at work and home. Author of TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (McGraw-Hill) and the award-winning Finding Love (Again!), Connie brings together stories and advice from countless interviews as well as pearls of wisdom from leaders in the fields of business, medicine and mind-body research. Her books and programs draw upon her vast experience as a nurse, keynote speaker, rehabilitation equestrienne, recuperating overachiever and recovering Superwoman. Along with Connie’s boundless energy and humor, millions of people connect with her stories, exercises and advice for a better, balanced life filled with more satisfaction and meaning. Connie’s work is dedicated to Get That Spark Back for Life! Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and other publications. She lives in Laguna Beach, California.

TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD: Get More Done in Less Time–with Even More Energy; Connie Merritt; McGraw-Hill; Original Trade Paperback; ISBN: 13:978-0-07-161286-9; 10: 0-07-161286-6; Price $16.95.


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