GOP Clowdus No More Muslims to U.S.

Big Country congressional hopeful Canyon Clowdus wants no more Muslim immigration to America

But the conservative Republican doesn`t want to stop at the stance he outlined to radical blog Dr. Bulldog & Ronin, ” which endorses him for 11th Congressional District representative “

Clowdus wants to halt Muslim immigration to stop what the blog termed a Stealth Jihad ” and creeping sharia ” to replace the Constitution with Islamic religious law 

A spokesman for an Islamic civil rights and advocacy group said the level of anti-Muslim rhetoric is rising, especially from the right.

Our research has shown that this kind of rhetoric is coming from a minority of Americans, but it`s a very vocal minority, ” said Ibrahim Hooper of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR asks mainstream leaders to challenge anti-Muslim talk if they hear it because silence equals consent or unspoken approval, Hooper said.

That`s why it`s the responsibility of people of goodwill in our society and particularly leaders in our society to challenge this kind of hate-filled bigoted rhetoric when it`s used anywhere in our society, ” Hooper said…

If a Muslim woman is allowed to wear a headscarf in the workplace or a Muslim man is allowed to go to Friday prayers ” any accommodation of a Muslim in American society ” then that vocal minority views it as a creeping sharia, ” he said.

For some reason, it drives these people crazy when Muslims practice their faith, ” Hooper said.

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