SF New Tech Event in San Francisco Showcases Local Tech Talent

From real-time search to a real-time mobile app, the SF New Tech event impresses

On Wednesday night, September 16 2009, the latest installment in the SF New Tech events was held. The SF New Tech is a regular series of events for San Francisco-area venture capitalists, CEOs and executives, media, techies, developers, startups, and entrepreneurs alike.

Last night, six chosen companies presented their wares to the packed room of tech taste and decision-makers. Demonstrations were just five-minutes long before the floor was opened to questions and comments from attendees and organizers.

MyJobReferrals.com, an online job referral platform, allows users to refer qualified candidates to relevant open positions on a cash-reward based system. Should the referral result in a hire, a finder’s fee is paid.

8K Miles, presented by VP of Marketing Victor Francis and EVP Prabhu Karunakaran, and currently in its Beta phase, connects entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, service brokers, and other to a network of freelancers and contractors. An “online ecosystem”, 8K Miles provides the people, software, hardware, and tools needed to outsource and manage a project virtually.

Di-Ann Eisnor, the company’s Community Geographer of Waze, presented the road intelligence mobile app. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and other smart phone platforms, the app provides turn-by-turn directions based on real-time road conditions.

Several of the presenting companies are currently in a Beta phase. Collecta, for example, is the real-time search engine that monitors and serves up-to-date result streams from news sites, popular blogs, and social media sites. Outspokes, co-founded by Arthur Klepchukov, in attendance last night with Brian Zisk, is the online team and feedback management platform for web projects.

The final presentation of the night was from Khris Loux, CEO of Echo—an exciting embeddable widget for any Webmaster. Compatible with WordPress, Blogger, and most other websites, Echo converts a static page into a real-time stream of diggs, tweets, comments, and more.

With 5,000-plus members, the SF New Tech events are quickly becoming where to find and network with the latest, and sometimes greatest, in technology and software development.

Photo Courtesy of SF New Tech

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