Social Media Has Become Critical To Online PR Campaigns

Social media has become an important factor in the ongoing success of online PR campaigns according to Social Media Agency Punch Communications.

Punch has indicated that the significant increase in the public use of social media has contributed to its advantages as a PR and marketing tool. With an ever growing number of people using social media regularly, the social space has become a highly useful method of targeting online demographics, whilst complementing traditional PR techniques.

Moreover, social media is an efficient way of communicating directly with individuals, as social media profiles provide social network users with a direct link to a brand or company, from which they can obtain information, receive updates and news, and also deliver feedback. A brand can spread and promote its core messages on social networks through the use of widgets and links, which help to build the brand throughout the various online communities.

Pete Goold, Managing Director of Punch Communications, said: “Social media is rapidly growing in importance as a support mechanism for the search engine optimisation (SEO) side of PR, as the backlinks generated by social media chatter and media sharing across social networks can have a rapid, positive effect on a website’s search rankings.

“SEO and social media tie into each other well, with one serving as a great way of delivering a message whilst creating backlinks for the other. However, links and coverage in the mainstream media are still of huge importance, serving as powerful SEO links whilst increasing the public awareness of a brand.”

PR Agency Punch Communications has been at the leading edge of online PR techniques ever since its creation, embracing new skills and techniques learnt through the flexibility of its team. Punch is constantly look at ways that it can further its business, and thus, will be looking for experienced candidates searching for jobs in PR imminently.

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