TechCrunch50 Celebrates RedBeacon

TechCrunch50 Celebrates Redbeacon as Top Winner For Its 2009 Chapter – Simplicity Wins and  So Does The Consumers!

“What do you guys do?” RPRN’s onsite correspondent Phil Jeudy and CEO of Altaide Valley asked to this year’s Top Winner’s team. “Well RedBeacon allows consumers who need a service performed to find and interact online with local businesses and professionals. What does that mean for the consummers? It means simplicity of use and a lot less headache”, Ethan Anderson, co-founder of RedBeacon said.

This year, this big High Tech Expo has given the Top Prize to a company that provides a simple and useful service to consumers. That’s what technology is meant for, right?! What a nice ending!

To be noted: the founders of RedBeacon,Ethan Anderson, Yaron Binur, and Aaron Lee, are all former Google product managers and engineers.

A congratulations nod to the three runner’s up for the top TechCrunch50 prize are: Threadsy, AnyClip, and CitySourced.

The Best Presentation Prize goes to iMo,and the Best International goes to Trollim.

Phil Jeudy –Interview of Aaron Lee Cofounder Redbeacon, winner of TechCrunch50 2009


From Redbeacon’s website:

What is Redbeacon?Redbeacon isn’t like typical local search directories that simply return local business listings with ratings and reviews, leaving you to sort through dozens of entries.Instead, we notify businesses and professionals in your area that we believe can serve you best, and invite them to submit a price quote for your job.Then we show you the price quotes and profiles of people interested in doing your job, and allow you to book an appointment with them, saving you the time and hassle of calling around.Redbeacon helps you get the job done at the time and place you want, at the best price possible! If you need something done for your home, for your work, or for yourself, use Redbeacon to find the right local business or freelancer for the job.

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