Internet Buzzing with Joe Wilson Backlash

America Stings Back !

Following Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s health care reform speech to the joint-session of Congress on Wednesday night, Americans took to the internet to voice their outrage. In the 36 hours following the now infamous ‘You lie’ incident, a Facebook group has emerged, the Joe Wilson Wikipedia page has been locked after incessant tampering, and ‘Joe Wilson’ continues to be a top trending topic on Twitter.

Yesterday, Wilson’s office phone number circulated Twitter, finally crashing his congressional website. The Facebook group “No tenure for Joe Wilson” has already grown to just shy of 400 members. Perhaps receiving the most attention by far, the website has the online world abuzzing.

The website, launched Thursday, September 10 2009, doles out tweet-like Joe Wilson insults with every click. “Joe Wilson replaced your coffee with Sanka.”, “Joe Wilson ate the last slice of your pizza.”, and “Joe Wilson cancelled Arrested Development” are but a few. As of Friday morning, however, one cannot get on the site.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Republicans and Democrats alike are voicing their dissent. Senator John McCain called the outburst “totally disrespectful.” The five-term Republican Congressman from South Carolina has since apologized to the President for the outburst, who in turn accepted, although he does not appear to be remorseful. “Last night I heard from the leadership that they wanted me to contact the White House and state that my statements were inappropriate. I did,” he said Thursday, September 10.

Some information for this report provided by CP.

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