Obama Looking To Rally Americans Behind His Healthcare Reform With Speech

Obama to Lay Out Health Care Reform Tonight

President Obama will go before a joint session of Congress, and the American people, tonight, Wednesday, September 9th, to address health care reform. In his televised 35-minute speech, President Obama is looking to rally both the public’s and congressional support on the issue.

The President is said to address all major issues surrounding health care reform, and will present “his vision for achieving stabiliity and security through health care reform for the American people,” according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

The President will address not simply his plans for reform, but his plans to have it passed, and wiill include new specifics and details. Looking to address the litany of misinformation that surfaced during August’s town hall meetings, the President will clearly lay out what really is in, and out, of his health care reform package, addressing specifically what the public option is and isn’t.

Although the speech is not yet completed, the President told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday morning, and is being written largely by himself, it will cover the three major issues at the heart of the debate–what it means for those with health insurance, those without health insurance, and the President’s plan to move reform forward.

August was a disastrous month for the Obama Administration’s health care reform plan, filled with angry town hall meetings, smear campaigns, and discent amongst the Democrats. Despite this, President Obama still plans to “get something done this year,” according to Gibbs.

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