The Entertainment PC: A How To Guide

Learn how to enhance or replace your TV with the free e-book.

Have you ever wanted to enhance or replace your TV with the latest technology? Would you like to know how?

The founders of Spreety’s Guide to Watch TV Shows Online, who replaced their TV with a PC in 2007, have posted a free e-book titled, “The Entertainment PC: A How To Guide”.

The visually appealing e-book is on the site, and was written in five sections. The “Introduction” section explains why many TV shows and movies are legally available online for free. The “What’s Online” section discusses the best places to watch TV online. The “What to Buy” section discusses the hardware to fully enjoy high definition online TV. The “How to Configure” section discusses the optimal viewing configuration for a Windows Vista machine. The “Usage Tips” section wraps up the document with miscellaneous viewing advice.

“I enjoy our entertainment PC,” says Ron Laughton, co-founder of Spreety. “We use it for TV shows, sports, movies, music, home videos, video games, and photo slideshows. Our new e-book empowers those who are interested in doing the same with their entertainment center.”

As the case for watching TV online becomes stronger, incorporating a PC into the entertainment center may become more common. For those with a taste for the new, the free Spreety e-book is worth a look.


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